Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


36. Lets go to London

A few days later, we were at home and Liam got a call from his mom, who was apparently crying on the other end because she missed him too much. We were going to go over to their house in a few days for a week.
"Yes, ok I know...yes mom I understand but....ok ok I'll see you real soon....what mom I told you I will...ok well I have to go.....ok yes mom love you too bye", he said finally ending the ungoing conversation.
"No matter how many times I tell her ill see her soon, she won't stop crying and making me promise. After a while, it gets a little annoying", he claimed and i laughed a little.

We fell asleep, and I woke up the next morning to....breakfast in bed? From Liam. I smiled so widely as he handed me the tray with eggs, toast, coffee, and bacon.
"Did I ever tell you that you make me feel like a princess?", I asked.
'"Well, you are prettier than any princess I've ever seen", Liam said as I began to eat my breakfast.
"I ❤ you baby", I said kissing him.

We spent the majority of the day talking, kissing.
I was reading my book when I walked into the work out room, finding Liam doing push-ups.
"I need a little motivation", he said.
"I think I can help with that", I said carefully sliding my body underneath his as he remained in push-up position.
Then, with every push up, when he came down, we kissed.
After about thirty or some more push-ups, he plopped on top of me, and we kissed....and kissed. We hadn't just fooled around in awhile. Then, he tickled me as he picked me up bridal-style and carrying me into our bedroom. In there, he treated me like a princess, and held me close when we were finished, his breaths disguised as mine.

The next morning, we got dressed and started packing for our trip to London early tomorrow morning.
"It's supposed to get really hot when were there babe", he told me as I pulled out my suitcase and plopped it down on the bed next to his.
"I know, I've got that covered". I responded.
"Wow ok", he responded.
"Hey can you toss me my makeup thingy?", I asked.
"Yah, omg that's bigger than your suitcase!", he said.
"Well, Eleanor Demi and Perrie didn't think I had enough makeup, so I think they went psycho, but oh we'll", I said.
"Girls", he uttered.

The next day flew by. Right now, we were on a plane to London, and l was resting my head on Liam's shoulder. My phone was blowing up in my lap. Glancing at it, I saw I had 2 missed calls, and some texts, seeing one was from Tiffany, I quickly called her back.
"Claire finally you call back!", she said.
"Nice to talk to you too", I said sarcastically.
"Anyways, I wanted I say that mom feels really bad about what she said to you a few days ago", Tiffany responded.
"Oh no, it's totally okay, she just got out if surgery and was confused and everything", I responded.
"Are you sure?" Tiffany asked.
"YAh, I need to let things go anyways", I responded.
"Good, so what are you up to?", she asked.
"Heading to London to see Liam's family", I said.
"Wellllll, have fun", she suggested.
"Thanks we will", I uttered.
"Ok, we'll see you soon then?", she questioned.
"Up yah well only be gone for a week", I stated.
"K, bye", she said.
"Bye, sis", I responded.
Then, I saw I had a missed call from Simon. I caled him back instantly, this being only the second or third time he's ever called me.
"Hello Claire", he said.
"Hello how are you?", I responded.
"Fine how about you?", he asked.
"I'm doing ok. Thank you", I replied.
"So, how is your mom doing?", he asked.
"Well, I think she's doing fine, she had her surgery, and that went pretty well. The only problem is...she's paralyzed in her legs", I explained.
"I'm glad she's doing okay, and I'm sorry to hear that, though", he responded.
"Yah, I guess", I said.
"So, I've been thinking for some time now....ever since I've heard you sing with Demi on Xfactor...I've seen a little star and diva, there's just something about you I love, and I think America sees it too, so I was wondering if you could meet up with me when you return from London and we could talk more then, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in...possibly a record deal with me", he asked.
"Sounds wonderful, and yes I think I would!", I said so excited i couldn't contain myself.
"Great, is everything alright?", he asked.
"Yah, sorry I'm just so excited right now I can't hide it", I said.
"Wellll, don't hide it. You deserve every bit of it", he responded.
"Wow, thanks old man", I joked.
"You're welcome bad ass", he said and I laughed.

Liam was staring at me.
"Well.......", he said. "What's the news?", he added.
"Oh, ya know i might get a record deal with Simon Cowell", I replied nonchalantly.
"Ohmigod, that's amazing babe!", he said then kissed my lips.
"But, I'm going to meet up with him when we get back", I said.
"Wow, just wow. I know exactly how excited you must be right now", he assured hugging me.

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