Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


3. I'll Always Be Here...

The next morning I woke up to Liam here and lying next to me. 

"Goodmorning beautiful", he said smiling from what happened last night.  I reached up and kissed him. 

"Hey Liam, thanks for not....leaving me", he said. 

"Only a dick would leave Claire.  I love you, and I always will no matter what happens", Liam said wrappping his arms around my neck.  "And I will never do anything to hurt you", he added. 

"I love you too Liam", I said kissing his neck. 

"Do you mind if Demi comes over today?  I need to talk to her, and I love spending time with you babe, but I need some girl time", I said as he kissed the top of my head. 

"Yeah babe.  She's always welcome.  But, can Niall come then too?", he asked.

"Yes of course.  Any time", I said. 

Then, I texted Demi :

"Hey girl can u come ovr?"- Claire


"Oh nd Liam said bring Niall"-Claire

"Will do c ya soon babe :)"- Demi

"Yupp k :)"-Claire

"They're on their way", I said. 

"Guess that means we have to get dressed?" Liam responded. 

"Yah it does", I said getting out of bed, nonchalantly walking over to my dresser, clothingless.  I pulled on a bra and underwear, and put on a paiir of sweats.  Then I walked over to Liam who just put some underwear on, and he slipped one of his hoodies over my head.  

 "You know, i've always liked the way that hoodie looks on you better than on me", he said. 

I smiled and kissed him.  He finished getting dressed, and we headed downstairs. 

"Babe, I gotta ask you a totally random question", he said sitting himself down on the couch next to me and putting his arm around me. 

"What is is?", I asked resting one hand on his knee like usual. 

"Which one of the boys are you closest to?", he asked. 

"This isn't about Harry is it...", I asked. 

"No um I was just wondering", Liam responded. 

"Well, I love them all and i'm close to all of them, but i'd say probablly Zayn.  He's like a big brother to me, and he's always there when I need someone to talk to....but Louis makes me laugh so hard I cry, and he gives really good advice, and Harry aside from his various attempts to flirt with me and etc, he's really a great sholder to cry on and gives great hugs.  Then, there's Niall.  He's sweet, although innapropriate at times, he's friendly.  Whenever you need a friend, he's right there.", I said and Liam smiled really big. 

"It makes me really happy you like those boys, because aside from you they are basically my life", he said.  Then the doorbell rang. 

"I'll get it", I said rushing for the door, Liam a few feet behind me. 

I opened the door and saw Demi standing there with Niall right behind carrying a bag of bagels. 

"Come in!", I said holding the door.  They stepped inside, and Demi gave me the biggest hug.   Niall, after he set the food down on th table came over and gave me a hug first, then Liam one after Demi. 

"We brought breakfast because some two people decided to wake us up before 8'oclock. 

"Yet you love us anyways", I said.  Niall mocked me and I started laughing.  We ate some breakfast and then Demi followed me upstairs into my room. 

"Demi girl we neeed to talk", I said pulling her arm and shutting the door. 

"What's up?", she said. 

"I've never told you this before,'re my bestfriend and I love ya but you're also my idol.  You taught me that no one's perfect, yet I'm beautiful when I needed it most, and you kept that knife out of my skin.  Demi, you basically saved my life especially about 3 1/2 years ago when I hit rock bottom.  The only problem is, I know sometimes when it gets really bad I need support.  You see, I'm well.....I have bipolar disorder like you, and I have emotional and mental breakdowns.   thought you should know that and I would've told you earlier but I.....was scared you'd...treat me differantly or worstly leave".

Demi hugged me tightly and kissed the top of my head in effort to tell me she was always here for me, and to try and stop some of my tears that were lightly hitting my cheeks. 

"It means so much to me to know that i've been able to save you from self-harm but promise me whenever it gets hard for you, you'll call me and we'll work through this together cause I'll always be here for you", she said and I nodded when she released me. 

"Thanks Dem", I said and truly meant it. 







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