Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


65. Ignore me again (Romantic getaway)

t*1 month later*

I was in our room, and I had just put Riley Devonne down for a nap finally. She was still waking us up every hour of the night, and was crying a lot lately, and I was getting really stressed out.

Liam came in, and sat on the bed.

"Whats the matter with you?"', I asked.

"Claire, its not me it's you...", he said.

'What do you mean....?", I asked.

"Well, I mean I love you of course, but do you still love me?", he asked.

"Liam, that's a ridiculous question, of course I love you!", I said.

"But...we haven't had sex in ten whole months, and we barely even kisss anyomore, and i miss that I mean I...", he said but was interupted by a kiss from me.

'Ssssssssshh", i said and he nodded.

"God knows how much I want you too Liam, I never want to wait this long ever again, its just i'm sorry i got so stressed and busy with the baby....", I said.

He nodded.  "No its ok...we can make up for it now", he said giving me that look again.

I gave him the same look, as he kissed my neck.

Once we started to take eachothers clothes off, however Riley decided to cry, making us stop where we were and run to her side.


When we were finished with her, however the second I layed down in bed i was just exausted, and fell asleep.


(Liam's point of view)

I called Harry once Claire was asleep, and he answered on the third ring.

"Heyyyyyyyyy", he said.

'Hey Harry, I need advice...", I said.

"With....", Harry demanded.

"Oh right...ok so Claire and I haven't had sex in ten whole months, and everytime we try to, she either falls asleep or we get interrupted by Riley.  I don't know what to do...", I said sounding a little ridiculous.

"Oh Liam....", he said.  "Did you, um try talking to Claire about it?".

"Yah.  I did and she agrees with me", I explained.

"Ok, then what do you need me for?", he questioned.

"Riley...I love her with all of my heart and everything, but maybe Claire and I..need some alone time for a night or something", I suggested.

"Consider it taken care of...", Harry said.

"Yes, i know what you're thinking before you say it outloud...i'll have Demi help me plan this...god", Harry said and I laughed a little.

"Thanks", I said.

"No prob", Harry stated and then I crawled back in bed with Claire, only to be woken up five minutes later by our baby girl.

(3 Days Later)

*Claire's POV*

I headed downstairs the next morning and saw Demi and Harry standing in the kitchen with Demi holding Riley in her arms and Liam in the corner.

"Hey!", Harry said hugging me.

"Hey Harry!", I said.

"You're probablly wondering what we're doing here...", Harry stated.

"But..we are here because mommy and daddy need some mommy and daddy time", Demi added.

"So, what are you waiting for?", Harry said.

"You guys are the best!", I said huggging them both.  Then, I said goodbye to Riley Devonne and so did Liam, and we were ready to go.

We headed into the car, and followed the directions on the gps, leading us to ur destination.  When we arrived, we saw that it was a five-star hotel and spa in downtown LA. 

"Oh I love them..", I uttered as we grabbed our alredy-packed bags and headed into the front desk.

"Yeah, they're the best", Liam said. 

"Suite for Mr. and Mrs. Payne?", the lady at the front desk said glancing up at us from her computer that she was typing away at a few minutes ago. 

"Um yah", Liam responded. 

"Ok, you'll be all the way on the top floor, room number 834, and here are the 'keys' ", she said to us. 

"Thank you!", I said. 

"No thank you..and if you need anything just call the front desk and we'll be glad to help you", the lady said as we walked away.  

We headed into an elevator, and I could tell how anxious Liam was. 

"Calm down baby...i'm right here", I said. 

He laughed a little.  "And i'm glad", he added hugging me. 

When the elevator doors opened, we headed down the hallway and headed into the beautiful penthouse suite we would be staying in at the hotel.

First, we set the bags down and then Liam took my hand as he opened the door to the master bedroom. 

There were rose pedals scattered around the room and on the bed, and as I kicked the door shut, Liam pushed his lips against mine before I even had time to react.

I then kissed him back, and we began to kiss over and over again, Liam running his hands up and down my legs as we sat down on the bed, still kisssing.  Then, I let Liam take full control and before I knew it, he was thrusting himself into me a few times as I kissed his neck passionently each time uncontroallabley yelling his name each time he went in further. 

After doing this for awhile, we held eachother for a long time then fell asleep, me still in his arm and our bodies still entwined. 

The next morning, we went to the spa and I got my nails done, had a facial, we both got a masage, and afterwards they put you in this whirpool thing, kinda like a lazy river they have at waterparks, so you can relax.

We went in ther for awhile, then headed to the resturant for a candle-lit dinner which was really romantic.  We headed back to the room to drink a bottle of wine and make love again, a lot gentler then the night before.  

 But, the next day we had to leave.  It was amazing, really romantic and relaxing, but I did miss Riley a bit. 

When we arrived home, Riley was in Harry's arms on the couch when we walked in. 

Demi gave me a big hug. 

"Well, how was our little girl?", Liam asked after hugging Demi.

"She's an angel....but I don't think she likes me...", Harry said.

"Why?", I asked. 

"Well, at first whenever I looked at her she would start crying or whining, she's being good to me now though", Harry explained.

I laughed. 

"Hi, Riley", I said taking her from Harry and she smiled at me a little, opening her eyes wwide like she did whenever she saw me. 





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