Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


25. I really do have the best friends in the world

"RYAN!", I scream down the hallway on the first day of school as i see my best-school-friend.

"Hey Claire!", he said running towards me.  I instantly hugged him, as I swung my purse around my sholder. 

"Where the hell were you all summer?', he asked.

"Oh ya know...London, Hollywood, a wedding...the usual", I responded.

"Whos wedding?", he asked.

"Demi and Niall's", I replied.

"Oh, them", he responded.

'What do you mean by that fucker?", i asked giving him a playfull shove. 

"You spent all summer with them but not any with us...i'm not tryna be rude or anything but..", he started.

"Aaah, shut it!  You dont know what I have planned for tomorrow you'll forgive me trust me", I explanied flicking him.

"Well, and you know, Tess and them are tagging along too, but im gonna make it up to you", I said.

"Oh ok thanks youre still the best", he said.

"Can we not bring...Shelby though?", he replied quietly. 

"Why not?  I thought you guys know", I said quielty.

"We were, but it wasnt working out.  Guess she couldnt handle this..", he replied.

I knew why.  It was obvious he had a thing for me, but he would never admit it or confess to it.  And, Shelby was always jealous of the bond I had with Ryan. 

"Sure, cause thats exactly what happened", I said sarcastically. 

"Now, what do you have first?', I asked.

"Free period you?', he asked.

"Same!  Where are we going?", I asked. 

"We can leave the campus, you know?  We are seniors!", he said.

"Well then lets go!  I dont know about you but i could use some starbucks...", I added.

"Mee to.  Let's go", he said.

"Ok, my treat!", I said as we headed into my car. 

"And dont try and change my mind.  I've got money...did I tell you I got a job?", I asked.

"No, youre lazy ass got a job?! ", he joked. 

"Well, modeling for Lou Teasdale is a really easy job actually, I only work like once a month and I get paid lots.  Plus, I can be as lasy as I want and she wont fire me as long as i show up", I explained.

"Lucky, I still work at the ice cream shop after school on Monday, Wednesday, and I  work weekands", he said. 


"Well, remember you'd better take off this weekand", I responded as we pulled into the Starbucks in town. "Whoa you have something planned all weekand?", he said in disbelief. "Yes", i started. "Hey are you still in love with little mix?", I asked as we headed into Starbucks. "I'm not in love with them, they're just extremely hot, especially Jade....", he started his cheeks getting red. "I knew it...just wanted to see you get all embarresed that's all. Did you know Perries pregnant?", I whispered as we were waiting in line to order. "Are you really askin me that question Claire?", he said "Oh yah know....", I said. Then, it was our turn. "What do you want, oh never mind I know what you want. The usual miss Claire?", the lady about 20ish asked. "Yah, yes please", I responded. "And for you?", she asked checking Ryan out and playing with her hair, not realizing it. "Just the regular coffe I guess", he said ignoring the attention from the cashier. "Ok Hun. That's 6.25", she said. I slapped Ryan's hand as he dug out his wallet handing the cashiers a credit card Liam gave me with my red manicured fingers. She swiped it, handing it to me. Then, we grabbed the drinks and headed back into my car. "I um have to tell you something...", I said ready to tell him. "Yah, anything. What is it?", he asked staring into my eyes then blinking away when I gave him a weird look. "My mother she isn't doing well she's in hospital she's only got six months left". I said only I wasn't tearing up this time. "Claire that's awful I'm so terribly sorry", Ryan said shaking his head and he gave me a friendly hug. "Oh no it's ok ry but thanks", I said then my phone rang- it was Liam. "Sorry I have to take this...", I said answering it. Ryan nodded "always for him", he mumbled under his breath. "Hey babe!", he said. "Liam! I miss you so much", I said. "I miss you too. How aare you doing?", he asked me. "Ok I guess. I'm just out with my friend Ryan right now. We got Starbucks", I responded. "Sounds like fun. Tell him I say hi?", he responded. "I will. Are the boys doing good?", I asked. "Yah, well mostly..", he said hesitantly. "What do you mean by that?", I asked concerned. "Zayn....well he's a bit of a sight....", Liam said. "He's beating himself up right now with just telling management the news, about the baby they're giving him a real hard time, and he's having a hard time not being next to Perries side during the entire pregnancy. We don't know what I so with him, then Niall's doing ok I guess, he's only cried like twice about being Away from his wife, lets see Louis he's getting hit pretty hard. But he skypes el so he can see Susan and her too he's managing I guess, then there's Harry who's perfectly fine", he responded. "Aww well tell them I love them and I say hi. So, Zayn's on board with the plan, Perrie too?" I said. "Yah I just spoke with Perrie on the phone, her Jesy jade and Leigh Anne are ready and they got the plan", Liam responded. "I owe them so much, that was really a last minute thing", I said. "Nah they said don't worry. Are you like ditching class today or something?", He asked. "Maybe just till second maybe third hour...", I responded. He laughed a little.. "Paul's legit about to take my phone away. Bye my girl ill talk to you tonight ok?", he said. "Ok. Love you be safe, bye". I responded ending the call. "Liam says hi", I said to Ryan as I hung up the phone. He nodded, then stared at me. "So...should we head back to school now?", I asked. "Yah I guess", he responded and I started up the cr,taking the short 7 minutes back to school. When we got inside the school, I realized it was the middle of second hour. We got late passes, and headed to our second hour class.
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