Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


67. Girls nite

We finally made it to the dancefloor, and heard music booming from the ridiculsly loud speakers.  
"Lets dance!", Perrie insisted pulling my arm. 
"Um, ok?", i said following behind her, well mostly being dragged. 
We started dancing first, then the other girls joined in, and we kinda formed an odd shaped circle in the space we could push through.  

Then, i had another drink and someone announced there was karaoke, so guess who volunteered themselves right away? When i was put onstage, i saw Justin Bieber there, so apparently i would be songing a duet with him which was yeah cool and exciting like everything was when youre a little buzzed, ok fine when youre tipsy, maybe even a little drunk...
We sang a song, then we all unanimously decided we should go home now.  

We took the limo home, because i dont think any of us were sober enough to drive.  I glanced at my phone, and saw it was 2:30 AM later than i anticipated...

When we arrrived home, though we quietly walked in, except for Abby and Eleanor who had clearly dranken more than the rest of us.  Afterwards, i tiptoed into the room Liam was in, and slowly creeked open the door being careful not to wake either of them, especially Riley.
Then, i quickly closed the door, slipping out of my dress stripping down into just my bra and underwear.  
However, getting into bed was tough! I kinda crawled ontop of Liam, then rolled over into my spot, kissing his cheek.
"Claire...hi", he quietly said almost a faint whisper.
"Hey Liam", i responded as i snuggled up close to him.
"How was your night?", he asked.
"It was great!", i responded.
"Great, are you..drunk at all?", he asked me in the nicest way you could ask that question.
"No...i'm tipsy but thats all.  El and Abs, thats a differant story though...", i said quietly.
"Just like Louis and Harry?", liam assured.
"ya", i replied.
After that breif conversation, we both drifted asleep and were woken up soon by our baby girl.
We got up with her, then i got dressed as Liam cradeled her in his arms, catching glances at me. 

Next, we headed into the kitchen and living room area to feed Riley, and Demi was doing the same thing to Carter and Carly right next to me on the couch.  After we were finished, Liam and Niall kept an eye on the babies while Demi and i whipped up breakfast for everyone.

Afterwards, Demi and i were gonna take Carly, Carter and Riley shopping with us, but then Susan skipped over to us, and begged if she could come.  We let her, of course but then El said she'd come too and bring Jame, claiming she was totally sober. 

We all loaded into the car, and headed to downtown London to shop!

At the end of the day, Riley ended up getting too many adorable little outfits to count, and i got a handful of things too, and so did the other kids and El and Demi.  It was, again an extremely fun day! 
The rest of the vacation carried on, soon coming to an end as we pulled out of the driveway of the holiday house and into Liam's parents driveway a few hours away.
"Hi!", Liam's mom said greeting us in the driveway, and kissing and hugging her son as i unloaded Riley from her baby carseat into the carrier.  Then, I was greeted simalarly, and a few minutes after being greeted by his dad and sisters, they all wanted to see the new baby they only saw at the hospital when she was 2 days old.

I got her out of the carrier, and gently handed her to Liam's mum.

"Hi Riley, its your grandma!", ahe said and Riley smiled a little, opening her eyes wide.

"She is so adorable!!!", Ruth said smiling at her neice. 

Once everyone held her for awhile, she was returned to my arms, looking a little overwhelmed, fussing.  

I comforted her, and she snuggled into my arms.

 We talked, answering numerous questions about the baby and Awhile later, we ate some dinner and I fed Riley.  Then, i put her down to bed and pretty soon Liam and I headed up to bed, too.
"Goodnight beautiful, i love you", Liam
said kissing me goodnight.
"Goodnight, love you too Liam", I said kissing him back. 
The next morning, Riley woke us up at 7, later than usual which was good!
When we got downstairs, Liam's parents were up, but his sisters were still sleeping.  
"Goodmorning", Liam's mom said, Riley in Liam's arms.
"Guess what tomorrow is?", she cooed looking at Riley.  
"What is it?", Liam asked.
"Really? Its Easter, Riley's first easter is tomorrow!", Liam's mom explained.
" could I forget?", Liam said a little sarcastically.
I laughed a little, taking Riley in my arms from her daddy.
She was fine, but then started fussing and even her nook didnt do the trick.
"i think i'd better go feed her", i said excusing myself and carrying Riley up the stairs into the bedroom.
"Hi, little baby!", i said comforting her before i began to breast-feed her.
About ten minutes later, Liam came into the room.
"How's it going momma?", he asked casually walking over to me and sitting down next to me on the bed, kissing me softly on the forehead.
"i think she's got this under control now!", Liam said studying me.
"Me too", i said looking directly into Liam's eyes.  
After Riley was all finished, Liam held her, rocking her to sleep while I got dressed and ready for the day.
Then, we put her in her play pen we were using heading downstairs letting her sleep.
We saw that Ruth and Nicola were awake when we came downstairs, so we said goodmorning to them, and ate some breakfast.
After breakfast, however we heard someone crying from upstairs. 
"I've got it!", Ruth said heading upstairs.
"You go ahead", I responded.
She came downstairs about 20 minutes later, and Riley was in another of her cute little outfits.
"i love her, shes so adorable just like her mummy!", Ruth said holding Riley in her arms.
"Aww thanks Ruth!", i said hugging her 
"Anytime Claire!", she said.  Then, Nicola held her for awhile next, and somewhere between Riley's aunties switching off, Liam and I snuck upstairs.
We started kissing passionently the second we entered the room, not waisting any time.
"I need you Liam!", i cried out as he kissed my neck and pushed me up against the wall, totally turning me on.
He kissed me back, adding tounge and a little roughly, began reaching for my shirt, struggiling to slip it over my head as i was doing for his.
This time, i could see his growing erection as I wrapped my legs around him and he yanked my pants off.  
Then, he threw me on the bed as I grabbed for his pants as he positioned himself ontop of me, kissing my neck. 
However, we were interrupted! Nicola barged in with Riley in her arms. 
"Hey lunch is rea........whoa", she said closing the door quickly behind her, flushed with embarrasment.
"Oh my god...Liam, your sister just walked in on us....", i said trying to be quiet about it.
"i know...", he said.  "But i just couldn't help myself! You are the love of my life and Claire, you're all I ever wanted!", he said kissing my neck, more passionent then before, snapping my bra and flinging it to the floor.
Then, he went for my underwear and did the same thing.  Afterwards, i pulled his underwear down and the real fin began.
Afterwards, I was quivering with joy, and feeling some sharp pains, too.
Liam held me for a long time and when we were finally ready, we put our clothes back on and headed back downstairs, really late for lunch.


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