Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


4. Girl Dayy

"Now, let' something", she said smiling at me. 

"Like what?", I asked


"Something anything I don't care", Demi responded. "Ok alright then lets go!", I said. "Yah right now?", Demi questioned. "Right now", I assured her. We headed downstairs, grabbed our purses and said goodbye to the boys who were playing Xbox. "Let's get our nails done!", I suggested. "Yea!", Demi said and we headed into my car. "Well, I'm not the best driver but...I can drive and I'm not intoxicated", i said. "You're fine Claire. Lets gooooo!", Demi insisted. I stuck the key into ignition, and drove out the driveway. "Giiiiiirls day!!!!", I yelled checking myself out in the rear view mirror. "You realize we're both in sweats with virtually no makeup on", I said. "Who cares? We don't need to impress anyone except our babes, and they love us anyways", she responded. "True that", I said nodding. We arrived at the nail salon without too much commotion which was good. We were finished about two hours later, and we were both extremely hungry. "I know this is completely unhealthy, but I want McDonalds", I said. "Mee too", Demi said and I pulled into the drive thru. "Welcome to McDonalds. How may I help ya?", a voice said, "We'll have two cheeseburgers, fries and a chocolate shake", Demi said. "Ok that'll be $11.50 at the next window. Have a nice day", the voice replied. "Great thanks", I said. I pulled up to the 'pay window', and handed the young woman who had the name tag of Heather my credit card. She took it, only to realize who I was a few seconds later. "Ohmigod! Nooo way!", she said carefully not trying to make a scene. " that....Demi? Oh and Claire?! Wow, wow this can't be happening! I love you Clemi!", she said handing me back my credit card. "Sign here please", she said handing me a receipt. "Can you also both sign here please?", she said handing me a pen and an autograph book titled "Celeb Autographs". We both did as requested, and pulled up to the next window to receive our food. "What the hell is Clemi?", I said as we were headed back to my house. "I don't know C. Let's look", she said taking her iPhone out of her pocket. "Instagram, what's Clemi?", she said out loud clicking her fingers on the keys. "It says its...well you know Larry Stylison, that bullshit, well now everyone's fixated on 'Clemi Suvato' which is like supposed to stand for us I guess", she said. "What the fuck?! Seriously two people can't be besties anymore?!", I said. "I know", Demi said. When we arrived at my house, clutching the bags from McDonalds, I heard a strange noise from the bushes, and when they popped out, I could clearly see the flashing lights: It was a paparazzi. "Shit", Demi mumbled under her breath. "McDonald's?! Really what are you teaching your fans? Not healthy eating habits!", the paparazzi said. I flipped them off, and frantically searched for my keys to unlock the front door. "Fuck off", I yelled to the paparazzi. Demi followed behind me, staying silent. She closed the door, and said "Claire they want that reaction, you're gonna be the freaking cover story, and they're gonna make you look like a horrible person, which you're not!", she said. I flipped on the tv, and saw "breaking news: Claire Sutt......", I turned the tv off, knowing exactly what they were going to say, some fake shit they made up. "Don't let it bother you. It's not worth it", Demi assured me. I sighed. "Here look at this is from Liam", Demi said handing me a note. It read: "my lovely Claire, me and Niall are ouuuut. Call me when you read this, I love you beautiful! Love, Liam xxxxx "I'm freaking staaaarving", I said setting the note down beside me.
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