Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


55. Europe here we come!

(Three months later)

We went to over 30 differant cities, and were now doing our last performance in the united states: Hollywood.  The best part?  We were going to see Demi, and Niall had absolutley no clue. 

"Alright lets go guys!",Perrie said smilng this morning even though it was 6:30 AM.

"Whoa someone's happy this moring!", Harry said and she smached him.

"Hunter has been sleeping throught the night now, so yea i'm happy", she said. 

We headed into the arena, and Demi was waitnig in there as planned.  Niall dropped everything, and scooped her up in his arms kissing her for what seemed like forever to us all.

"Oh my god I missed you", he said then putting her down and keeping his glance on her.

"DEMI!", I said hugging her next. 

Then, everyone else greeted her even Hunter, and we practiced and rehursed for about two hours, ate food, got hair and makeup, and mostly talked to Demi while we could.


After the show, she met us backstage, but so did my siblings which i was extremely surprised by that.

"Claire thst was fantastic!", Tiffany said.

"Good jobbbbb!", Daisy sang way off key, hugging me then instantly darting after Harry.


Overalll, I think tonight went amazingly! 

Next, we were on a plane to Europe, and it was 4 am.  Everyone was exausted, especially me.  I wasn't used to this like they all were! 


When we finally arrived, the only thing I wanted to do was eat and sleep, and that made me a little crabby.  To make matters worse, I was on my period and every little thing anyone did was irritating the hell out of me. 

So, i got my wishes and everybody left me to myself except for Liam, and he was the only one I could tolerate at the moment.  I slept for almost ten hours!  When I woke up, I was a completely differant person then I was the day before. I was happy, and wide awake. 



The rest of the tour went on, and finally came to an end.  It was so much fun, and amazing!  The only problem?  I'm extremely exausted I can't even keep my eyes open or think straight. 

We were greeted by Eleanor, Susan, Demi, Abby and a surprise. 

"I'm pregnant!", Eleanor said excitedly as I hugged her.

"Shutup!", I said.

"Not lying!", she responded.

"Congrats, wait how far along are you?", I asked.

"I' months", she responded.

I then remebered the last time she saw Louis was two months ago, and it all made sence.

"Congrats!", I said. 


THen, after that, I hugged Demi once her and Niall let go of eachother finally, and hugged her forever too.

"Oh my god Claire!  You did AMAZING and i missed you like fuck...", she started.

"But i missed you more...", I responded and she just smiled. 

"Next week we're hanging out for sure", she said.

"Yes, we are!", I said and she agreed. 

"Welll, bye babe!", she said and I hugged her once more, then I said goodbye to everybody else and Liam and I headed into a limo, making our way home.

"The only thing I care about right now is sleep!", I said. 

"Wow", Liam said.

"Well, and you babe", I said kissing him, then plopping down on the bed and instantly fell asleep.  The next day when I woke up, it was noon, and I felt like complete shit. I threw my hair into a messy bun, threw on some sweats, and then headed downstairs to Liam.

"Goodmorning baby!", he said kissing me.

"Goodmoring", I said and fell into his arms on the couch. 

"How are you feeling?', he asked me.

"Like shit", I responded.

"What's the matter?", he asked me.

"I dont even know, everything", I responded.

Then, I puked.  All over my lap, and Liam got splashed too. 

'Oh my god babe..I'm so sorrry", I said.

"Don't be", he responded.  Then, I took all my clthes off because they were covered in puke, except for my bra and underwear.  Liam took his shirt off, because it had some puke on it, and his pants too, leaving his boxers on. 

He grabbed a towel and began to wipe up the puke while I went into the bathroom to clean up myself. 









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