Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


68. Easter

The next day, it was Easter and we were informed that we were all going to church.
"Just letting you know...that church bores me to death sometimes", Liam said just as i finished putting my dress on.
"Agreed, i never really liked church, but i'll obviously go.  I just dont long Riley'll last thats the only thing", i responded.
"Hopefully not long so we have an excuse...", Liam said.
"Babe, you're terrible!", i said kissing jim.
Not before long, we loaded into two seperate cars: Liam, Riley and I in one car, and Liam's parents, Ruth and Nicola went in another car following close behind us the majority of the drive.

We entered the church, soon taking a seat in one of the pwes.
Riley settled down in my arms when the preist started talking.  
Then, some time passed and the preist or one of the speaker people said something along the lines of "back in the time of Adam and Eve there was no need for clothes, and technically if we all trusted eachother there would probablly be no need".  Liam started cracking up, and he was drawing attention and a look from his parents but he couldnt stop. I tried covering his mouth, but then i began to laugh and I couldn't help it. Ontop of that, Riley began fussing and she wouldn't stop.  Someone then announced "Remeber uf you are going to be a distraction, there is a gathering space upstairs where you can go".
With all dirty looks included, we left the church, and decided just to go back to his parents house.
"Liam I cant believe we got asked to leave church...", I said.
"Oh well...", Liam responded.
"But your pårents looked måd åt us", I såid.
"Nah, they should get over it", Liam assured me as we headed into the house, Riley dressed in her cute easter dress asleep in his arms.
We entered the house, soon lying Riley down to sleep.
About an hour later, Liam's family returned home, and as Liam had suspected they didn't look angry at us, clearly they had goten over it.
"Hello, oh Claire could you help me in the kitchen dear?", his mom said. 
I followed her, heading into the kitchen.
"what would you like me to help with?", I asked.

"Would you mind making this salad while I put the rolls in the oven?", she asked me polietly.
"Of course not!", I responded starting to make the salad.
Then, Nicola entered the kitchen.
"What can I help with?", she asked.
"Why don't you cut up the fruit for me?",  their mom said to Nicola.  Nicola nodded.
"So, who's all coming over?", she asked cutting fruits like her mother had asked her to.

"Um, well lets see, your grandparents are coming over, and so is your aunt and uncle and some of your cousins, plus some other people, too", she responded.
"Ok", Nicola responded, me just finishing the salad.  After I was done, and Nicola finished up, we set the table and pulled out the ham which just had finished.

Then, their grandparents arrived.

First, they hugged and kissed Liam, then doing the same to Ruth, Nicola, me and Liam's parents.
"Where is the little angel?", they asked.
"Oh, she's...asleep upstairs right now but should be waking up soon", i responded and they nodded.
"Well, we can't wait to meet her!", his grandma said.



Soon after, some of Liam's other family members arrived and Riley woke up.  Everyone wanted to hold her and everyone wanted to see her. 
Once the commotion died down, it was time to eat.
Liam made me up a plate while I went upstairs to feed a cranky Riley.  
"I wasnt sure what you wanted momma, but I um, got a little bit of almost everything", he said setting a plate down next to me, and sitting down with a plate of his own too.
"This is perfect thank you!", i said kissing him, then begining to feed the baby. When I finished, she wouldn't let me put her down and wanted to be held just by her mommy.
So, we headed downstairs and I saw 

So, we headed downstairs and i sat on the couch where it was quieter than in the kitchen or outside.
After sitting for awhile, Liam's mom came and sat next to me as Li was chatting away in the kitchen with one of his cousins. 
"So, how is everything going with Riley?", she asked me. 
"Pretty good!", I said smiling at her.
"Thats good to hear.  I wish we could see her more often, our only grandchild", she said sounding a little sad. 
"Yea, we wish we could see you more too", I said. 
"She is very beautiful, just like her mommy!", she said.
"Thank you!", I said smiling.
"Would you like to hold her?", I asked.
"If she lets me, she seams comfortable with her mommy right now", she responded. 
I nodded, and picked up Riley, handing her to her grandma. 
She started to cry a little, but after putting her nook in, and that she saw I was right there, she was just fine.
I then navigated my way to take a quick break to catch up with Liam for a few minutes, and so I could actually pee. 
"Take your time", Liam's mom said gently holding Riley on the couch. 
"There you are!", Liam said kissing me instantly.
"Yes I got a little break", i said. 
"Really? Where's our little Riles?", he said. 
"Grandma has her", I said. 
"Aah, I see", he said putting his arms around my waist. 
"I love you beautiful", Liam said starring into my eyes. 
"I love you too Li!", I said kissing him and ignoring the world around me.  
Then, we heard a faint cry and both hurried into the living room.
I was handed my child, and Liam's mom got up and kissed the top of my head.
"You are an excellent mom to a beautiful baby", she said.  
Then, she said "And Liam, I am very prod of you for making such a beautiful girl and finding such a wonderful woman to spend you life with".
Liam smiled at me, brushing up against me, making me blush slightly as Riley tried to fall asleep in my arms.
"I still make you blush?", he responded.
I nodded a little shyly.
"I remember on our first date...when I reached for your hand, like this, that was the first time I saw you blush and I though it was the cutest thing ever", he said smiling at me.
"And I remember the first time I saw your face go completely bright red was when I caught you watching me get still does", he said. 
"Well can you blame me? I mean, you're kinda sexy if i haven't told you before", he said giving me that look that worked EVERY time. 
Soon, the baby fell asleep, we said goodnight to the few family members that were left and headed upstairs Riley still fast asleep. 
"You know, its cute watching Riley sleep because it reminds me of you", he said telling me as I got changed into my pajamas. 
"Really?", i said. 
"Yea except it doesn't turn me on like it does when i watch you sleep though", he said as I cuddled with him. 

We fell asleep a little while later, then woke up pretty early in the morning because we were going home today.

We drove out of the driveway, and after some more driving and a long flight with moody Riley, we were pulling into our driveway. 

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