Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


24. Bye for now (I promise you)

It was the day before Liam was leaving me for 6 whole months.  Granted, we would visit eachother once or twice inbetween,  it was still going to be complete hell like in the past. 

My phone buzzed and I saw it was Liam.  It was a text message, and it read "Hey love.  can u come over? I need 2 c ur beautiful face".

I blushed like i did in middle school, and responded "Coming bby". 

I headed into my car, and drove over to Liam's house.  Looking out the window with the radio on quietly, all of my thought jumbled around in my head, and I just stared out the rearview mirror trying to collect my thoughts before I made a right and pulled into the driveway of Liam's house, then realizing i was in sweats.  I quickly threw my hair in a messy bun, and put on a little bit pf makeup to stleast look human.  Then, I rang the doorbell, waiting for only a second before Liam opened it, pecking me on the cheek.  THen, he hugged me tight. 

"I'm not letting go until tomorrow", he said.

"Sounds like a challange.  You're on, whoever lets go first loses", I responded.

"Well, except if you have to go to the bathroom", I added knowing that would otherwise cause a friendly dispute later. 

We made pancakes while still touching, watched a movie, made out a couple times, danced, talked for hours, cried, skyped Demi and Niall who didnt let go of eachother either. 

But now, we had just made love and were reganing our breath, cuddiling and soon falling asleep.

The next morning was awful.  Neither one of us could stop crying.  We kept looking at the clock t osee the minutes for us to be apart quickly turning into a few seconds as we stood on the steps to my porch, holding eacother and I was still sobbing.  Then, Liam quietly sang in my ear "You're so pretty when you cry, when you cry and toether we're so good so girl why are you tearing me apart, tearing me apart, you're tearing me apart...".  I kissed him as he dried my tears and I finally smiled at him. 

'We can do this.  We've done this before", I said kissing him softly. 

"Just promise me....", I started.

"Anything", Liam said and I nodded.

"Promise'll never leave me.  I need you.  Promise me you'll never find anyone better than me cause you wont find anybody that loves you as much as I love you.  And promise me we'll talk everyday, or my heart will start to deteriorate without  the sound of your voice....", I said a tear rolling down his cheek.

"I promise", he said really meaning it. 

Then, I hugged him one last time, kissed him one last time, and watched him walk away, the tears now rolling down my cheeks. 

"WAIT, LIAM YOURE HOODIE!", I said realizing I was still wearing it.

"No, keep it Claire", he responded.  I finally forced myself to wave at the car as it backed away, and with all of my force, go inside the house.  Crying, I avoided everyone going upstairs to my room and locking the door.  I wanted nothing more than to be alone.   And on my bed, I found a little envelope, with my name written on it in Liam's handwriting.  I carefully opened the envelope, and a neatly folded piece of paper came out.  I unfolded it, only to see it was a letter for me.  !Que Romantico! (that means how romantic in spanish lol).


My Claire,

I  love you with all my heart.  I will always love you, only you and nobody else.  You are my baby and you always will be no matter what happens.  I know you are reading this right after I left you, and it breaks my heart to do so, but i dont have a choice.  All I can say is stop crying youre beautiful, and your family, they NEED you more than ever right now babe. 

Promise me that we will be together forever, that you'll always be mine.  That you'll always love me like I love you?  I know this is hard for you, its hard for me too.  But we can make it throught this i know we can.  

I love you a million times, i love you to infinity and beyond.   And before you know it, i will be sitting right next to you wrapping my arms around you and kissing you just the way you like it. If i could have just one wish, it would be to wake up every day to the sound of your breath on my neck, to the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine........knowing that I could never find that feeling with anybody else.  But instead I have to leave for a long time.  I will be back for you, I csn guarantee that love! 

I LOVE YOU forever and always,


Your babe,


Oh and p.s. Demi wanted me to mention that she wants you to call her everyday, even right after you read this. 


I cried happy tears after reading this, and picked up the phone, dialing Demi's number. 











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