Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


38. A fun week

Trampling down the stairs the next morning still in our pajamas, we were startled by the sound of Ruth yelling "good morning sleepys! Go get ready for the day we have so much planned" that we fell down the stairs, Liam landing ontop of me.
"Oh my god! Babe, are you ok?", he asked helping me up as Ruth was dying in laughter.
"I'm fine I'm fine", I assured him.
We headed upstairs, and got dressed.
"You know, it's really hot today", I responded.
"Yah, 87 degrees", he nodded.
I pulled a skirt and a v neck tshirt out of my bag, touching it up with my long hair straightened, some makeup, a pair of converse and a necklace.
"Ok baby you ready?", I asked spritz ing perfume on.
"Yah", he said taking my hand.
We headed downstairs, not falling on top of each other this time.
"Alright, are you guys ready?", Nicola asked as I grabbed my purse, placing my phone in my pocket.
"Yah", I responded as we headed into Liam's moms car.
"Ok, this'll be a bit if a drive", his dad said as we started driving.
"London isn't close", Ruth added.
"Ruth, keep your lips zipped!", Liam's mom responded.

The majority of the car ride, I was talking to Liam and his sisters, until Liam fell asleep. Then, I chatted with the girls for awhile, texting Demi for along time, we text eachother the randomest shit sometimes it's too funny if you read our messages....

When we finally arrived, I shook Liam awake and we spent the rest if the day in London. But right now, I was resting my head into Liam's chest as he was playing with my hair and quietly singing into my ear. I fell asleep soon, but was awoken by the tickle of someone's cold fingers lightly tugging on my skirt.
"Sorry to wake you", he whispered.
"No it's ok", I said.
Continuing to dress me, Liam put his careful fingers on my skin, gently with each tug of clothing I let him unravel me from. Then, once he put my pajamas on me, we kissed, and I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw Liam was still asleep. Considering the options, I decided I would let him sleep and head downstairs where his mom was starting breakfast.
"Claire, is that you?", she asked.
"Yes", I responded.
"Well can you give me a hand with breakfast?", she asked.
I nodded, and headed into the kitchen, washing my hands.
"Ok, what should I do?", I asked.
"Get out the muffin pan", she explained. After opening almost every cabinet, I found it.
"Ok great, now mix this", she said handing me a bowl of what looked like a big mix of flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate chips, milk and some other ingredients.
I mixed them up really good, then poured the batter into the muffin pan, sticking it in the oven.
"That wasn't so hard was it!", she joked.
"Actually, no", i said smiling.
We sat down at the table, and talked for awhile while the muffins were cooking. When Ruth and Nicola woke up, they joined us, and Liam's dad did too. Then, Liam came down the stairs, entering the kitchen and kissing and hugging me.
"Good morning, lovely", he said.
"Eeew", his sisters joked as we kissed.
"You know, Claire helped me make breakfast", Liam's mom stated as the oven beeped.
"Oh they're done!", I said taking them out of the oven with a hot pad.
"Liam, Claire can bake, she's a keeper", Liam's dad said.
I laughed, and elbowed Liam.
"I guess", he said sitting down on the table next to me.
We ate them, then decided to watch one of Liam's favorite movies, Click.
Liam draped a blanket over me on the couch, then sat down next to me taking some of the blanket as I snuggled up close to him.

When the movie ended, I started to feel my stomach cramping up. Great, just great!
We headed upstairs to get dressed, and I laid down on the bed. "Claire, are you alright?" Liam asked.
"I have really bad cramps and my head is killing me!", I responded.
"What can I do to make you feel better?" He asked.
"Well, right now I need you to hand me a pad out of the side of that pink bag, and can you get me some Motrin and a cold rag for my head and a glass of water....", I stated. "Sorry babe, that's a little much", I apologetically said.
"No babe it's fine", he assured me, first handing me a pad and not even being embarrassed about it. Then he left the room to fill out my other requests.

He came back a few minutes later, with everything I asked for and tea too.
"My mom said this might help", he said handing it to me.
"You truly are the best. No boys ever gone through this much trouble for me before.....without complaining the entire time", I said.
"Why would I complain? I do it because I love you and ill do whatever for the person I love most", he explained taking care of me.
He closed the door, put the covers on me, made sure I took my medicine, drank my tea and water, then placed the rag on my forehead, and handing me my phone.
"If you need me for anything...", he said handing it to me.
"I thought you might want some peace and quiet...", he said kissing my lips.
"Thank you, I'm so lucky to have you", I whispered as he shut the lights off and slowly crept out of the room.

I fell asleep soon, woken up the next morning real early, around six o'clock. Finding a familiar face next to mine, I smiled snuggling close to Liam's back listing ing to his slow and steady breathing, feeling safe. My batman was going to protect me no matter what it took, I knew that.

"Hey beautiful girl", he rolled over kissing my lips.
"How are you feeling?", he asked.
"Better! Sorry if I'm moody today...", I said.
"Oh, I remember: day one feeling like complete shit, day two moody, day three sad, day four too happy and day five exhausted and huge could I forget?", he said.
"Awe, really you're the only person who remembers that, well the only guy I've dated. Ok, let's see, Demi knows, Gina knows, Ryan knows, and you know the schedule", I said.
"Wait, why does Ryan know?", he asked.
"I dont know, when you're like best friends since kindergarten, you know stupid things like that", I tried explaining.
"So you never even had a thing with Ryan?", he asked. "I won't get mad!", he added.
"Eew that's gross! Never! I mean, I love him, like a brother, but that's nasty", I said and he laughed.
Liam ad I talked for awhile, telling each other stories from when we were little that we remembered.

Today flew by. We had a beach day all day, and went out to eat for dinner. Now, Liam and I were chilling in his room video chatting with Zayn, Perrie, and their adorable baby Hunter.

"Seriously, when u guys get back..we need a babysitter because mommy and daddy need a little just mommy and daddy time", Zayn said.
Perrie nodded in agreement.
"Ok, we can do that, hunters just so adorable and little and...", I started.
"Then why dont you two dingbats go make one of these yourself....", Zayn replied.
"Sorry Zayn, but we'd love to. Just not yet", I responded and Liam's face flushed.
"Ok, well when you do, you two will be excellent parents!", Perrie glowed.

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