Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


1. Maci Bookout


Hello:) My name is Maci.   Maci Alexa Bookout.   I am 16 years old.   I am 5'7 and weigh about 123 pounds.   I have brown hair and grey eyes.   I am the oldest.   I have a younger sister named Ronnie.   She is 5 years old.   My parents have recently divorced.    I am in 11th grade.   I attend South Junior High. Home of the Knights!   I love to sing and dance.   My nose is pierced.   So is my bellybutton.   I think those are all the facts.....   Oh wait. My best friend is Harry Edward Styles.
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