Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


10. Chapter 9


We were sitting at the lunch table, eating spaghetti. I kept thinking if Harry was going tonight or not. I hope he is. If he isn't than that dress is going to be useless to me.   "Im done." i told them. I got up and walked over to the garbage can and dumped my food. I looked over to see Jo talking to Harry. I told her i wanted her to find out if he was going. And if he was, with who.   I walked back to the table and they separated. Then they got up to dump their trays. I waited for them to get back. I was nervous. So nervous.             After school, Jo came over to my house to help me get ready. I'm not going officially with anyone but im hoping that when i get there, Harry will ask me. We walked home and picked up Ronnie. After we got home, i had to make her supper. When i was done and Ronnie was eating, i grabbed Jo and ran upstairs.   "I dont think i can do this Jo." i paced back and forth.   "Dont worry! If Harry doesnt ask you, you always have me!"   I shook my head. I was so nervous that my hands were sweating. "He's not gonna. I know it."   Jo walked out of my closet with the dress. "You wont know until you get there." she smiled.   I sighed and walked into the bathroom with the dress. I put it on and came back out.   "You look amazing." Jo smiled.   "Yeah whatever, now you."   Jo grabbed her dress. I haven't seen it yet, all though im pretty sure its amazing. She is like, the richest person in the school.   After waiting ten minutes, she walked out.   Woah.   It was all white with diamonds and it was puffy. Like Cinderella! It was gorgeous!   "Good way not to stand out!" I laughed.   She twirled. "Do you like it?"   I nodded. "You look beautiful!"   "Ok well, im all ready. We just have to do you."   I sat down and put on my diamond shoes.                                                                          "Come on lets do your hair." she sat me down at my desk and turned on the curling iron.   "How come you wanna make me look so good?" i asked.   "Because i want you and Harry to hook up." she smiled.   "But, dont you want a date?"   She shook her head. "To me, love is useless. If love is meant for me, then let it find me."   I nodded. "You have a point."   "Kay. Done!" she squealed.   I looked in the mirror. All my brown hair was pulled into a side pony. She curled it too.   "Thank you!" i hugged her.   "Welcome."   I started to put my make up on. The smokey eye was the only thing i could do, so thats what i did. I just got done applying my make up when Jo spoke up;   "He said he might not go. I told him he should. I told him you were going too." she started to play with her fingers.   I sighed. "Well, i guess i have to go anyways."   She came up and gave me a hug from behind. "He may go now that he knows your going."   I turned around. "Maybe."   She rubbed my back before letting go.   "You ready?" she asked.   I nodded. Before we walked out of my room i looked in the mirror and adjusted my necklace. I actually look beautiful.          After the sitter arrived for Ronnie, we hopped in Jo's mum's car and drove off. I was shaking the whole way there. What if he wasn't there? What if he was there with someone else? What if he doesnt like me?   I stopped thinking about it when we pulled up. Then all i did was shake. When we walked in the gym, i looked for Harry. I couldn't find him.   "I dont see him." i told Jo.   She stood on her tippie toes. "Well there are many people here. You wont find him right away."   I sighed again and walked over to the snack table to grab some cold raspberry tea. Jo and i were standing there, looking for Harry. I gave up, but Jo was on a mission. Some boys walked by and looked me up and down with a smile. Some bitchy girls gave me that 'you not better than me' look. I threw my cup away.    "Im gonna go."    "Why?" asked Jo.   "He's not here."   "Well then ill leave too." she said.   "No you stay. You have always wanted to come to prom. So stay and have some fun." I squeezed her hand.   She side-smiled. "Fine. Love you." she hugged me.   I hugged back. Then i walked out of the gym. I wiped off the pink lip stick with a tissue and put it back in my small purse i brought along. I pulled on my sweatshirt and walked outside. It was cold. I walked down the stairs and sat on the bench. I looked out beyond the trees to see city lights.   I knew he didn't like me. I thought to myself. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. What? I never cry....   I wiped them away with my sleeve. Then its like something came over me and a whole other batch of tears was covering my face. I heard someone behind me and i quickly wipe them away. I just stood up when i heard;   "Maci, is that you?"  
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