Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


9. Chapter 8


Harry dropped  us off at my house five minutes later. I told Jo to bring Ronnie inside so i could talk to Harry.   "I finally found the boy that beat you up." i stared out the window.   He turned to me. "Did he hurt you? What happened?"   "Well, i kicked him in the balls and told him to stay away from you."   He laughed. "Thanks."    Then, he pecked my cheek.   I looked at him and blushed as i opened the door and hopped out. I smiled and waved as he drove away. I walked inside and went up to my room where i heard laughter. I entered to find Ronnie and Jo playing dress up in my clothes.   "You guys!" i screamed.   Ronnie turned around and that's when i exploded with laughter. She was wearing my strapless dress i bought this summer. She also put on my beads and high heels.   I snapped a picture. "Can you get out of my clothes now please?" she nodded and took my stuff off.   "You can go put in a movie." i told her.   "Can i have some caramel?" she asked excitedly. I chuckled and nodded. She ran out of my room and downstairs.   "So, you going to prom?" Jo asked right away as she sat on my bed. I told you.   "Im not going. I told you. Not unless someone asks me." i opened my laptop.   "Please Maci! I dont wanna be all alone. Kayla and Lisa are going and i really dont want to hang with them. I wanna hang with you. My best friend." she smiled.   "Aww how cute," i cooed.   She laughed. "Please? We can go shopping right now! I mean, what if your elected prom queen and your no there to claim the throne?" she gasped.   "Oh no. the end of the world." i rolled my eyes.   "Fine. I guess you dont wanna go with Harry."   I turned around. "He's gonna ask me?"   "He didn't say he wasn't." she smiled.   I sighed and took a breath. "Fine."   Jo hopped up and squealed. "Yay! Ok lets go now. Grab your emergency credit card!"   I shut off my laptop, grabbed my credit card and followed her downstairs.   "Ronnie, get your coat on. Were going shopping."   I called a cab and within five minutes, it was here. Jo, Ronnie and i climbed in as the driver drove to the mall. Once we arrived, i payed him and got out. We walked in and right away, Jo grabbed my arm and dragged me to El Arie. I almost lost Ronnie in the crowd.   She dragged me to the back of the door and sat me down on a oink chair in a huge dressing room. There was a big mirror in the middle and their was a huge chandelier above. Ronnie sat on my lap and looked around. Jo came back in minutes later with 3 dresses.   "Ok. Try all of them on, and pick one." she smiled.   These were the choices:   I tried every single one on. Ronnie and Jo smiled every time i came out of the dressing room. After i was done with all of them. I picked dress number 3. It was so cute with all the ruffles. And it was blue, my favorite color. I really liked the waist. It was open so you could see skin and it was covered with diamonds.   "Perfect." said Jo.   After that we went and bought some accessories. Jo also bought some stuff. When we went to pay, the total was $13,500.   "Woah, mums gonna kill me."   After we payed we went to Ciatti's. A french restaurant. We all ordered some type of noodles. We all loved noodles. Ronnie claimed she could eat a noodle through her nose, i laughed but told her no.   When we were on our way out to leave, i bumped into someone.   "Oh im so sorry." he laughed.   I turned around. "Its fine." i smiled. I looked up into big brown eyes.   "Are you ok?" he asked.   "Yeah im, im fine."   He smiled. "Im Zayn." he stuck out his hand.   I shook it. "Im Maci."   "Well its sad we had to meet this way Maci." he laughed.   I giggled. "I guess."   "But im glad we did." he bit his lip.   I practically fainted right there. "Me too."   "Maybe ill see you around, Maci." and with that he walked away.   I watched him until i could see him no longer. He was cute and looked around my age. He looked half Pakistan as well..   "Um, remember Harry?" asked Jo.   I nodded. "I know."   She laughed and grabbed my hand, leading me to the cab. The rest of the night, i kept thinking about Zayn. He seemed really nice. Why didn't i give him my number? Ugh. I'm so stupid. Now ill never see him again.
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