Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


5. Chapter 4


Our sixth period is English. I didnt sit by Harry. I know he did nothing wrong for me to be mad at him, but i feel like he's replacing me.   I was writing notes when Harry tapped my shoulder. I turned around slowly. "What?" i asked him.   "Why are you ignoring me?" he asked.   I gave him a questioning look. "Im not?"   "Well, you didn't talk to me in Geography and you didn't sit by me at lunch. It sounds like your ignoring me."   "Well im not." with that i turned back around and continued to work.   When we presented out poster about Romeo and Juliet, i did most of the talking. You could tell Harry was upset.   When the bell rang, i practically ran to my locker and out the school doors. Usually, Harry picks up Ronnie and drops us off, but not today. Its a long walk from the high school to the elementary school, but we only lived a couple blocks from the elementary school, so i wasn't complaining.     ~     After i picked up Ronnie from school, it only too us ten minutes to get home. I unlocked the house and turned on the tv for Ronnie. Then i ran upstairs. I was on twitter when i heard my mum shut the front door. I closed my lap top and walked downstairs.   Ronnie and mom were hugging. "Hey mum." i smiled.   She let go of Ronnie and gave me a hug. Mum's been gone for a week and three days. It gets really boring with out her. I love her so much. She's always there for me. She is sorta like my best friend.   "Hows my darling?" she asked.   "Good." i told her.   She walked into the kitchen and started supper. "Thats good."   "How was work?" i asked her.   "Exhausting." she let out a sigh.   Mum works so hard for us. Even though we have plenty of money, she wants to make sure we go to a nice college. Were not rich though.   "Where's Harry?" she asked.   "Why would you ask that?" i asked her.   "Well his trucks outside." she put some butter in the pan.   I hopped off my stool, jumped over Ronnie and looked out the window. Sure enough, Harry's white truck with blacked out windows was sitting in the drive way.   The headlights flashed on and off twice. That was always his way of saying 'come outside'.   I closed the curtains and and sat on the couch. Should i go out there? Of course you should.    I slipped on a pair of slippers. "Mum, im gonna go talk to Harry."   She slipped her head around the corner and smiled. She knew i liked Harry. She always told me to tell him, but i could never do that.   I opened the door and walked to Harry's truck. I hopped in and shut the door.   Harry's head was between his hands, his hands were on the steering wheel.   It stayed silent for a while.   "Why do you hate me?" he asked suddenly.   "I-I dont."   He sniffled.   "Harry?" i rubbed his back. "Have you been crying?"   He slowly sat up. I gasped in horror. His face was covered in bruises and he has a bloody lip.   "W-who did this to you?" i asked.   "I was walking to my truck when three boys came up and attacked me."   I looked away. "Its all my fault. I should have been there. Im sorry Harry."   He grabbed my shoulders. "Hey, its not your fault."   I let a tear slip. Then he continued.   "I went and told Alli after i was beaten. She said she heard you say something about wanting nothing to do with me, so you told some kids to beat me up for pay back. I knew you wouldn't have done that, so i came here to ask."   I shook my head. "I dont like her Harry. She's the one who should have gotten beat up." i balled up my fists.   "I dont think she's the one for me Maci."   I looked at him. "But, then who did this to you?"   He shook his head. "I dont know. But im asking Alli tomorrow. After i break up with her."   My heart did a little leap inside. I hugged him. "Good."   He laughed and hugged back.   The hug lasted longer than i though i would have, but im not complaining!   "Want supper? Mums making her famous-"   "Casserole!!!" Harry yelled and jumped out of the truck.   I laughed and took the keys out of the ignition. I walked inside to see Harry playing with Ronnie. My mom walked in.   "Hows Har-" she started but stopped when she saw his face.   "My lord Harold, what happened to your face?" she held his chin.   "I fell down the stairs at school." he lied.   Mum looked from me to Harry. "Maci, get him ice."   I ran to the freezer and got an ice pack. I ran back to the living room and threw it to Harry. He caught it and laughed as he put it on his eye.   "Well now that your healed, lets eat! Ronnie, turn off the tv." my mom said as she walked into the kitchen.   Ronnie turned off the tv and ran into the kitchen. Harry and i walked side by side. His hand brushed mine. I was screaming inside but Harry just shoved his hands in his pockets.   We sat at the counter and ate. Mum and Ronnie cracked some jokes. Harry joined in. But i just listened.   Whoever did this to Harry is gonna pay.  
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