Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


17. Chapter 16


When we got home, Harry and I were both awoken by Gemma. We climbed out and walked into his house. Gemma said goodbye to us, for she had work tomorrow. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Harry grabbed my arm and led me upstairs. He closed his door as I sprawled out on his bed. I was so tired. He pulled my ankles towards him and flipped me over. I giggled as he lifted my shirt and kissed my stomach.    "I'm gonna take a shower." He said. "Be right back."   Then I was left alone. I took out my cell and texted mum.   'Staying the night at Harry's. Be back tomorrow. Xx'   After that, I texted Jo back.   'He was amazing wasn't he? Well I'm off to bed. Text you tomorrow before Harry leaves. Xx'   I closed my phone and put it in my back pocket. I sat up and took off my shoes. Leaving me barefoot. Then I swept my hair up in a high, loose pony tail. It wasn't long after that Harry emerged from the bathroom, only a towel covering his body. I smiled as it dropped, showing me his bum. He quickly pulled on some trousers and a t shirt before walking  over by me.   "You smell good." I told him as he lay next to me.   "So do you." He smiled.   We just lay there next to each other on his bed, telling jokes, laughing, kissing.   Our kiss was interrupted by Harry's mum opening his door.   "I'm going to the pub with some girlfriends. No monkey business" she scolded. We both laughed as she left. We heard the front door slam shut and the car start.   "Alone." Harry said.   I laughed at his comment. This could be our last night together if he got pass bootcamp. He leaned down and kisses my nose.   "I'm the luckiest man in the world." He smiled.   I smiled back up at him. "Why?" I questioned.   "Because I have you." His eyes looked into mine.   "We'll I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I have you. Harold Edward Styles. My perfect boyfriend."   He laughed. "Your my perfect girlfriend."   We both laughed that time, realizing how cheesy we sounded.   There was a silence before Harry spoke.    "It's our last night babe."   I grew sad upon what he had just said. He didn't sound that delisted either. He swept the bangs away from my eyes. He was glowing. His teeth were perfect, hiding behind his plump pink lips. His brown curly hair covering his eyebrows. I wanted him to kiss me.   It was like he read my mind as he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips. I put my hands around his neck as he pulled me up, taking off my shirt. We parted so I could take off his, then our lips met again. We laid back down as he pulled out my pony tail.   "I like your hair when it's down."    I looked up at him. No words spoken.   Our lips met once more as he put his hand on my lower back, bringing me closer to him. I smiled as he fumbled with the button on my pants. I took away his fingers and undid it myself. He almost seemed nervous. Maybe it was because this would be the first time we made passionate love to each other. The first time was plain awkward and the second was a quickie you could call it. But this time was different.   He lay on his back as I pulled down his trousers. His mouth parted as I slid up to his face, my stomach rubbing against his thick.   (I'm going to call his "thing" a thick because the other word is a weird word.)   He flipped me over and I smiled as he pulled off my pants, a gasp coming from my lips as his warm breath ran over my panties. We lay there. His body between my thighs. He was naked and I was still in my undergarments. He was breathing very fast and I could feel his heart thumping. I smiled at his nervousness.    "Don't be scared." I told him, brushing curls out of his face.   "Usually girls are the nervous ones." He laughed.   But I'm different. I'm not scared because he was my first and hopefully my last.    His hand brushed over my breast as his hand went down and tugged at my panties. I slowly and playfully slid them down to my ankles. Then kicked them off. Harry laughed. Then he bent down and kissed me, sweet and soft. He trailed kisses to my jawline, neck, collar bone, chest, stomach and soon enough, down to my place. I grabbed hold of the bed frame behind me. Harry knew what he was doing. My breathing got heavy as he continued. When he was finished, it was my turn. I turn him over and repeat his kisses down to his thick, where I did my business. I heard him groan, signaling I was doing well. When I was done, I rose to his face, and kissed him. This was the first ever time we explored each others bodies like that. I liked it.    He took my hair in his hands and curved it the one side of my shoulder. He slowly raised his hands to my back, and undid my bra. It fell to the ground. My breasts weren't the tiniest. They were big actually. I was always ashamed, but Harry didn't mind.    He flipped over so I was under him. He pulled the covers over us, making me feel better. I was getting kinda cold.   He reached under his bed and pulled out a foiled packet. He tore it and threw it to the ground as he put it on. Not once did his eyes leave mine. He rubbed against me, making me moan. He was teasing me. I closed my eyes quickly and then opened them.    "Harry." I warned.   He laughed. "Okay, okay."   In a matter of seconds, his hips grounded into mine. I lost my breath and he continued. He went slow. Then fast. Then slow again. I screeched a little as he went deeper.    "Sorry." He mumbled.   I shook my head. "Don't be."   He grinned.   We continued on. He cupped my breasts in his hands and he went faster. I cupped his face in mine, so he slowed down. And he did.   After we had both reached our climax, Harry removed his thick and laid next to me. We faced each other. He took my hair and twirled it in his fingers. I stared at him. Sweat on his body. I moved closer so our legs intwined. He looked at me. I couldn't help but kiss him. He was so tender I loved it. I smiled as I realized his heart racing.   "That was amazing. Wasn't it?" I asked him.   He nodded.   "You were great."    I chuckled "Thanks."   We lay there for a while bit longer. Cuddling and kissing. We both encouraged the fact that we just made we love. We didn't have sex. It was more than that. Movements made with so much love and passion. It meant so much more.   Our fingers locked in each others. But minuets later, we heard the front door slam. Harry's eyes widened. I panicked and scrambled out of bed, picking up my clothes and putting them on. He did the same.   "Pick up the rapper!" He whisper shouted.   I found the foiled packet and put it in my back pocket. We fixed his bed and opened the window just before his mom knocked.   "Come in." He said, he breath catching in his throat.   Anne walked in second later. She looked around before at us.   "What you doing?" She asked.   Harry didn't reply so I did. "We were just about to watch a movie and go to bed."   She nodded. "Get some sleep. Big day tomorrow." Before she closed the door she said "Maci you can sleep in the guest bedroom." I nodded but soon laughed as she closed the door.   "That was close." Harry breathed. "If she would have caught us, I would be so grounded." He laughed.   I let out a breath before kissing him on the cheek.    "Goodnight Styles" I said seductively before closing his door. The look on his face made me smile.    
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