Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


16. Chapter 15


Harry's POV   On the way home, Maci fell asleep on me. She was so peaceful. Her lips looked so plump i just wanted to kiss them. But that would just wake her up. So i put my ear buds in and put my head on the window. I started to think about today.    I woke up this morning thinking i was going to a party. But when we pulled up, Maci told me that im trying out to be in the X Factor. I laughed at first because i thought it was a joke, but then i realized she was serious. I was angry. I got out of the car and walked away. I was panicking. I mean i wanted to be a lawyer, not a singer! My heart was thinping. Then Maci came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso. I calmed down for a bit. "Harry. Please. You could win this thing." she said. I told her i just couldn't do it, but after she started to tell me that she shouldn't hold me back and that she was just a phase, i realized that i should just try it. Then she started to walk away. But i pulled her back and told her she meant everything to me. And i meant every word. So i told her i would try. She smiled and kissed me. Then she started to bring me back to my family when I smacked her bum. She squeaked and told me to stop. All I could do was chuckle.   My head started to swirl as we headed backstage. I was on in a bit, so I decided to use the toilet. I asked Maci to come with, I don't really know why. After I was done I walked out. We headed back to my family, hand in hand. The boy that had just got three yeses looked about my age and walked off stage, right into Maci's arms. I gaped at them as they hugged. I walked over as they separated. Maci introduced him as Zayn. I introduced myself as her boyfriend. Maci looked up and smiled at me. I knew she has been waiting for me to say that. It was time for me to go on. I told Zayn congrats as he wished me good luck. Maci pecked my cheek and hugged me before I walked on stage. I got up there and told the judges my name. Where I worked. And where I wanted to go to college. I told them what I was singing and they nodded.    "Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful."   As I finished, the crowd erupted in cheers, screams and claps. I smiled. Lou said no because I was too young. Everyone booed him. I did as well. Making some laugh. Then I got the two yeses that I had been hoping for. I smiled, thanked them and walked off stage to be greeted to Maci's open arms. I ran to her and hugged her as my family joined. They were so proud. I'm happy I auditioned. I knew I wasn't gonna pass bootcamp, but what if I did? What if I went further? What if I won? I would have to go on tours and stuff and I would never see Maci. I could never do that. I mean, I may want to marry her someday. I heard other singers say they had to leave the ones they love. I don't want to be one of those people. I was in a band a while ago called White Eskimo. Maci knew about it but she had never heard us. I told her I was the guitar player, when I was really the lead singer. We won first place at a competition once. But after a while, the mates and I decided we should take a break. We never got back together. My head started racing. Gosh it was nerve racking. I let the thoughts leave my mind as I drifted off to sleep.
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