Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


15. Chapter 14


The day of the auditions, i woke up with a smile on my face. I was so eager to find out whats going to happen. I sat up, got out of bed and hopped in the shower. When i was done, i got out and dried my hair. After i was done curling it, i walked out and pulled on my favorite skinny's. Then i got out my floral shirt with my gold necklace and gold bangles. When i was applying my make up, i started to think about Harry's application to Liverpool. If he gets into bootcamp, and if he gets further, he could have a singing career and never be a lawyer. And he would be traveling all the time and i would probably never see him. I sighed and closed my bedroom door. I walked downstairs to be greeted by mum and Ronnie. Their always up early. I grabbed a piece of toast and applied nutella. Then i walked to the living room and sat by mum.   "You excited?" she asked.   I nodded. I told her about the whole thing. Her and Ronnie are gonna be watching since its live.   My phone beeped.   It was Harry. Their outside.    We had to get up very early since the drive is a while away. I kissed mum and Ronnie goodbye then hopped in the car, in back, next to harry. He kissed my cheek.   "Morning."   I smiled. "Morning."   We hit the highway at about 7:30. That means i had two hours to spend with Harry's amazing family. When he asked where we were going, we told him it was a party for an old friend. When he asked who, i shrugged.   I was listening to music while looking out the window of the van. I felt a hand on my inner thigh. I turned to Harry. He was smiling at me. He slowly started to move his hand up. I shivered.    His hand started to get closer. I bit my lip. Then i looked up and remembered his family was with us. I looked over at him and he had a sly grin. I glared at him and pushed his hand away, even though i didnt want to.   Harry has been starting to get very touchy feely lately. Im not gonna say i dont like it, cause i do. A lot. But the times he picks arnt always the best.         Two hours later, i woke Harry up. We were finally here. There were people every where. I got very nervous cause Harry was gonna hate me. He wouldnt wake up so i kissed him. He woke up instantly and kissed me again. I smiled. Then his mom cleared her throat.   We pulled away and laughed. He sat up and looked around.   "This is a huge party." he said.   We couldnt help but laugh.   "What?" he asked.   I grabbed his hand and led him out of the van. He hopped out and looked around. "This doesnt really look like a party. It looks like the set of..."   "The X Factor." i finished.   His eyes went wide. You could tell he was panicking. His mum went up and hugged him.   "You have a chance Harold. Your voice is amazing." she told him.   "S-so does Maci! I-I mean sh-she has a v-voice too!" he stuttered.   I laughed. "Harry, i can sing well. But your voice, is unbelievable. You have to audition!"   He let out a sigh. Then he put his hands behind his head and walked away. I looked at his mum and she looked at me. She patted my arm.   "He loves you. He'll listen to you."   I nodded and followed after him.   "Harry. Please. You could win this thing." i hugged his waist from behind.   He huffed. "I just dont think i can. I mean, this is not what i wanna do. Im too nervous. I just cant Maci."   Ah shit. This is great. He's mad at me. But i came up with enough courage to continue.   "Haz, you have sung me to sleep. Your voice is beautiful. Your whole family thinks so. They wont reject you, i promise. If you would just try-"   "They will not accept me. They would think im too young. I work at a bakery. I havnt had singing lessons. What would they do with me? What if i became famous? I would never see you!"   "Please dont let me hold you back. Im not important to you. Sooner or later you will move on from me and find someone better. Im just a phase." as much as it hurt me to say that, i meant it.   He just started at me. He didnt say anything so i did.   "If you wont do this for me, do it for your family." i started to walk away.   Then i felt him grab my hand. He pulled me back and i hit his firm chest.   "I would do anything for you. I will never leave you. You are not a phase. You mean so much to me Maci and i dont wanna disappoint you. I have known you from the start and i know that your decisions are best. So i'll do it."   I smiled. "Good."   He leaned down and kissed me. We pulled back and smiled. I turned around and started to walk towards his parents. Harry was behind me and quickly smacked my ass. I squealed and looked at him.   "Stop." i pointed at him. He laughed.   "So?" asked his mom.   "Im gonna do it." he smiled.   His parents and Gemma smiled and hugged him.   I stood by and smiled at him. I was so lucky to have him in my life.       An hour later, we were standing backstage, waiting for the judges to be ready for him. Some contestants, were really good and got through. Others weren't so lucky.   Harry had to pee and he had five minutes, so i decided to go with him. I was standing outside, waiting, when someone walked out and bumped me.   "Oh sorry. I didnt see you-" i looked up.   The brown eyes. It was Zayn.   He laughed. "We have to stop meeting like this."   Then i laughed. "Why are you here?" i asked.   "Im auditioning actually." he smiled.   I looked at him. "Oh wow. I wish you luck!"   "Yeah thanks. Why are you here?" he asked.   "Um, my boyfri- uh friend is auditioning." i almost said boyfriend.   He nodded. "Well i wish your friend good luck."   "I will tell him that." i smiled.   "Well, im up. I wanna see your open arms when im done."   I giggled. "Okay."   We hugged and then he left. Harry then walked out and i grabbed his hand, leading him back to his family. When we got there, Zayn was just starting to sing. He was good. Really good. I watch as he got three yeses. He said thank you and walked off stage. I ran to the stairs and waited. He walked down and into my arms.    "Congrats!" i smiled.   "Oh my gosh i was so scared."   "I bet."   Then Harry walked up and cleared his throat. Zayn and i parted.   "Oh Harry. This is my friend, Zayn."   Harry glared at him as they shook hands.    "Nice to meet you." said Zayn.   "Nice to meet you. Im Maci's boyfriend."   My heart stopped. Did he just say that? Oh my. Im was screaming inside.   Zayn nodded.   "Harry, your on in ten seconds." said the crew man.   He nodded. "Good luck mate." said Zayn.   "Thanks. Congrats to you." they patted each others backs.   "Harry Styles, your on." said the same crew man.   He turned to me and kissed me. The he hugged his family members.   He walked onto stage.   After he answered all the judges questions, he started to sing Isn't She Lovely.   Just the way he sang it my heart melted.    When Lou said no and Simon said the audience didn't boo loud enough, Harry booed him. I laughed so hard.   Then when he got three yeses, he ran backstage  and hugged all of us. Anne was crying and I had tears.   "Oh my god. I'm going to boot amp!" Cheered Harry.   He kissed my cheek about twelve times. I just giggled.   "Congrats!" We all cheered.       On our way home, I got a text from mum and Jo.     Mum: We saw him! We saw you! He did great!   Jo: Omg why didn't you tell me you were signing up Harry?! He was amazing!!     I smiled.    
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