Remembering Him

Maci and Harry have been friends since they were in their mothers wombs. They did everything and anything together. They were best friends, nothing more. Sixteen years later, they start to date. After Harry goes off to the X Factor, he forgets all about Maci. That leaves her devastated. But at a concert in the America's, Harry thinks he has spot the girl he loved. But is it really her?


12. Chapter 11


  'Beep, beep, beep'     I slowly opened my eyes to sunlight. I reached over and turned off my alarm clock.   'Last day of school.'  I thought.   I turned over and faced Jo. She was still sleeping. Mouth wide open. I laughed to myself and poked her cheek. She didnt move. I poked her again. No answer. Then i poked her the third time and her mouth snap shut. I held my mouth from laughing too loud. I then plugged her nose. He eyes opened wide as she sat up.   "Maci! I could have died." she screeched.   I just laughed. "Last day of school. Get ready."   I let Jo get ready as i went to wake up Ronnie. I walked in and sat on her bed. "Baby girl, wake up."   She yawned and rubbed her eyes. I rubbed her belly and picked her up. I went back into my room and set her on my bed. Jo was in the bathroom.   "Pick put my outfit, k?"   Ronnie nodded as i knocked on the bathroom door. "Hurry up Jo. I have to look good too."   Moments later, the door unlocked and Jo let me in. I walked in and started to brush my teeth.   "Did it hurt?" she asked.   I gave her a questioning look.    "When you guys had sex, did it hurt?"   I stared at her. To reply, i had to spit out the tooth paste. "Sorta. In the beginning. It was kinda nice after that."   She nodded.   Then it came to me. Jo is a virgin!! I lost my virginity before the most richest and prettiest girl in school!! Which i am not proud of....   "Your a virgin arnt you?" i asked her.   She looked at me like i found out she killed someone.   "How did you know?"   "Oh my god Jo! I thought you lost yours in 8th grade, to Vincent Michaels?"   She laughed and shook her head. "Oh i wish. He was hot. But i just wanted to look cool."   I laughed. "Well everyone though you were gonna get pregnant."   "But i didnt!" she chuckled.   I smiled and started to straighten my hair. Once i was done with my make-up, Jo and i walked into my room. Ronnie picked out what i hoped she would. Its cold outside again, so she picked out my hockey sweatshirt, yes i play, with skinny jeans and my favorite gray Toms.   "Great job." i smiled at Ronnie.   "Sissy, what should i wear?" she asked.   "Lets go look." i grabbed her hand.   I went to her room and picked out some pink pants with a purple long sleeve and a white fluffy vest. She nodded in approval. Then i walked back to my room. Jo was dressed in an Abercrombie and Fitch sweater and skinny jeans. She slipped on some little brown boots with it.   "Cute." i complimented her.   "Thanks." she smiled.   I got dressed fast since we only had twenty minuets left and we still had to eat breakfast. I rarely ever eat breakfast since i dont really have time. I walked with Jo and Ronnie downstairs. They sat down and started to eat. I walked up to mum's room to get money for my yearbook. Mom has been gone for a couple days. Work im guessing. She wouldn't just ignore us because of a fight. It scares me when she's gone so long because iim always scared that something has happened to her. I guess i didnt tell you she was diagnosed with cancer when i was 6 huh? Well she was. It scared us all. But after treatment, the doctors said she was fine. Then at age 9, they found cancer in a mole on my arm. Thank goodness they found it quick. They said that if i ever feel or see something different about any moles on my body that i should have them checked out. I may still have it but its not likely.   I grabbed $30 and walked back downstairs. Jo and Ronnie were all ready to go so we grabbed our jackets and headed out. We didn't need our backpacks. Harry was waiting out front like always. Every since we kissed last night, i have been questioning if we were a couple now or what. It was up to him.   We hopped in and said good morning. Harry kissed my cheek. "Good morning." he smiled.   I smiled back. After Ronnie was dropped off we headed to school. It was a quiet ride mostly. Once we arrived, we headed to our separate classes. After lunch, the seniors headed to the gym for graduation. We followed and told them 'congratulations'. After that we went to the office and bought our yearbooks. Then everyone went to the gym so every high school student could sign your yearbook. I think i got everyone. Harry and i were laughing at some kids that wanted Alli's signature but she made that face and it was just so funny.   "Have a great summer students. Congrats to all our seniors and we hope to see the rest of you next year. Today is May 2nd, 2010. Have a great rest of the day." said our principle, Mr. Bents over the intercom. We all cheered and clapped and then before we knew it, we were seniors.
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