Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna are just ordinary 15 year olds living in Miami, Florida. Until an oprtuninty to meet 1D comes along. Now Bryanna is obsessed and put One Direction in their club house jail. When Madi and Morgan try to stop her, she trows them in jail. Can anyone save them?


4. Morgan's Point of View

*7:30pm* I was sitting on my couch brusing my hair when I heard the door bell ring. Right on time. I went over and opened the door. "Hey Mor Mor!" Bryanna shreaked. "Hey Bry Bry!" I said I finsihed brushing my hair and then my teeth. We watched tevelision for a coupl minutes. It was a recording of Good Luck Charlie. Then we went to get Madi. We were all ready. I had made three posters for the concert. Mine said, "I love you, Niall!" Madi's said, "I love you, Louis!" and Bryanna's said, "I love you Harry!" When I handed them their posters Bryanna pulled out a sharpie. "What are you doing?" I asked. "You'll see..." she said. She had written below Harry's name. It now said, "I love you, Harry! So much!" Creepy, right?

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