Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna are just ordinary 15 year olds living in Miami, Florida. Until an oprtuninty to meet 1D comes along. Now Bryanna is obsessed and put One Direction in their club house jail. When Madi and Morgan try to stop her, she trows them in jail. Can anyone save them?


1. Morgan's Point Of View

It was a crisp summer day. Accutally Ithink it was late spring. No, maybe it was early autumn. The point is that it was hot. Anyways, that how I met One Direction. Oh wait, I haven't got there yet. Let me start over. It was a hot day in Miami, Florida. I was finishing up my chores so I could go to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. On my way to the movies I saw a poster that said, "Do you want to meet One Direction? Well now you can. If you are the 1,000,000th costumer at your local theater you will get to meet One Direction!" I was a little excited at first, but then I thought, "What are the odds I'd be the 1,000,000th costumer?" When I got to the movie theater it was packed. Almost everyone wanted to meet One Direction. My friends and I had to wait for about an hour and a half. When we finally got to the I said, "Three tickets to see Breaking Dawn, please." Then an alarm went off The man at the counter said, "Congrats! You're the 1,000,000th costumer!" "I won? I won!" I squealed. The man behinde the counter gave us our movie tickets, the tickets to the 1D concert, and back stage passes. "You and your two friends will get to meet One Direction," he said. Tonight is gonna be the best night ever. Oops. Don't wanna jinx it.

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