Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna are just ordinary 15 year olds living in Miami, Florida. Until an oprtuninty to meet 1D comes along. Now Bryanna is obsessed and put One Direction in their club house jail. When Madi and Morgan try to stop her, she trows them in jail. Can anyone save them?


2. Madi's Point Of View

*Five Minutes Earlier* We were in line trying to get tickets to Breaking Dawn. For some reason the whole mall was packed. We had to wait in line for two hours. I should know, Bryanna kept asking, "What time is it?" and "Are we there yet?" and "I'm hungry." It was really annoying. The only thing Morgan was focused on was getting to the front. That or she was zoned out and walked everytime I nudged her. When we finally got to the front she asked for the tickets. Then an alarm went off. I flipped out. I wasn't expecting that to happen. Then the man behinde the counter said something about 1,000,000th costumer. What ever that means. Then it happened. He gave us tickets and back stage passes to One Direction! I just about died... In a good way. I am in love with Louis. He is so hot. Anyways, Morgan got the tickets and passes and Bryanna fainted. She is also a huge 1D fan. Actually, she is just about obsessed. We saw Breaking Dawn, but I couldn't enjoy it because the whole time Bryanna was saying, "What do you think they act like? What if Harry is even hotter in person? I wonder what they smell like." and a bunch of other stuff a crazy person would say. I'm not sure and I really didn't care. All I know is I'm going to meet Louis Tomlinson!

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