Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna are just ordinary 15 year olds living in Miami, Florida. Until an oprtuninty to meet 1D comes along. Now Bryanna is obsessed and put One Direction in their club house jail. When Madi and Morgan try to stop her, she trows them in jail. Can anyone save them?


3. Bryanna's Point Of View

Okay, so I think Madi is mad at me. It may have something to do with me talking through Breaking Dawn. Did you know that movie is awesome? Anyways, I can't wait to meet One Direction! Morgan, Madi, and I have a secret plan. I'm so excited. The concert is tonight at 9:00pm. I'm going to Morgan's at 7:30pm, and we pick Madi up at 8:000pm. Did I mention I'm so excited?! Just wait until Harry and I come face to face. We will fall in love and live happily ever after. And if he doesn't love me... Let's not think that way. He will love me. I mean what's not to love? I'm a funny and mentle blonde. It's 5:00pm... I gotta get ready.

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