Love Sick

When Dash, A Small 19 Year old, Finds Out Louis, Her 21 Year Old Love, Has Cancer..What Will She Do?? Spend As Much Time As Possible With Him Or Push Him Away??

{WARNING: This Book Does Not Contain The Other Members Of One Direction. And Lou Is Not Famous.}

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A/N okay i just posted the first chapter {im guessing you read} but it was Really short ik ik but these chapters are all probably going to be short it least 2 paragraphs each. just to say thank you and enjoy the next chapter ""

I stood waiting for our last customer. finally she left, leaving me to lock up and head home. I slowly turned off the lights and shut the door, locking it. My car was slowly unlocked as i pulled the door open, sitting in and starting the car. Not to long after getting in i was getting out of my car and walking up to Lou's flat, even know we lived together i called it his cause he pays for it. 


I saw a note on the table "hey babe i came home and ate we are out of milk and i didn't eat them" that putting a smile on my face as i kept reading " so maybe you could pick up some..well it least milk. im probably at the doctors still while your reading this so yeah um... thats about you!!" i held the note close as i wiped away the tear of joy  from my face "oh Lou" i held the note close to my heart just wanting to hear his voice, have him hold me in his arms. even when we were only apart for about three hours. i still missed him. i grabbed my bag heading back out the door to go get milk...and maybe some cookies just for louis. 

i hurried back from the store with milk and Oreos, my favorite type of cookie. i walked in the house seeing the door to our bedroom wide open. i slowly grabbed a knife from the kitchen, holding it tightly in my hand. i walked around the corner holding the knife high as lou walked out of the room. We both screamed quite loudly. "DASH??" Lou looked really scared 

"i-im sorry" i slowly lowered the knife

he held me in his arms "S-shhh" I buried my head in his chest 

"I-im S-so sorry" He held me out in front of him to get a full view of me 

"i want you to be calm before i tell you this" I could feel how my face felt confused




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