Love Sick

When Dash, A Small 19 Year old, Finds Out Louis, Her 21 Year Old Love, Has Cancer..What Will She Do?? Spend As Much Time As Possible With Him Or Push Him Away??

{WARNING: This Book Does Not Contain The Other Members Of One Direction. And Lou Is Not Famous.}

Want An Update? Just Simply Say: Update Please :) And ill Get Right On It {Remember I Have To Take My Time For Best Results}


1. Morning, Love..

"Dash's POV"

I could't help but smile as i woke in the arms of Louis, his eyes shut tightly...asleep. I lied there a second in his arms before looking at my phone. "oh No!" I slowly got up prying his arms off me. I knew he would have a bit of an attitude if i woke him this early, so i slowly got up as i turned back hearing him mumble my name. A cheeky laugh came out of my mouth as i cupped it, not wanting to wake him. Stumbling to the hall of his flat i grabbed my bag getting some clothes. I quickly walked to the bathroom, changing and hurrying back out. 

Lou was still sleeping as i slipped into his room, tip toeing across the floor. "Dash?" I quickly stopped in my tracks as Louis had frightened me. "Yeah?" I turned toward him. "Whats Wrong?" His face worried

"Nothing you just startled me"

"oh, Sorry." The muscles in his face calming down 

"its fine."  I walked over to him sitting on the bed kissing his cheek 

"you sure?" 

"Yeah Fully, now what do you want for breast fest?" i smiled 


"okay Waffles it is" I walked to the kitchen shutting the door 


-I just finished fixing the waffles as lou walked out of the room. "hey!" I smiled


"Here's you plate." I said handing him a plate with three waffles 

"thanks" he said sitting on the couch, not later me sitting beside him.

After eating Louis sat our plates in the sink. "thanks." i stuttered a little "

"welcome love" He smiled at me.

When he said that i couldn't help but smile as i thought of when he called me babe, not love but as our relationship developed more he started calling me love. I loved that nickname, love it made me feel he really loves me even tho i knew he loved me. Lou told me he was going to change and go off to work and that he would be home late because he had to go to the doctor. I sighed telling him i was off to work, kissing him on his lips as he held my waist. I slowly put my hand on his neck, holding tight not wanting to let go. He pulled away, smiling. "iv'e got to go" 

"aww" he sighed

"i love you" I let go of his neck

"i love you too" he let go too


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