Someone Special

No one understands seventeen year old Stella Brown. She talks to no one but herself, and sits alone in the courtyard at lunch. She has no friends. But one day, Niall Horan transfers from Ireland. Many girls fall for him, but Niall only falls for one person. Stella. Slowly, Stella lets down her guard, and she and Niall start to date. But when the unthinkable happens, will Stella keep her guard down long enough to help? Or will she close the world out again? Please read!!! xx


14. Someone Special

Stella's P.O.V.

I am about to fall asleep when a scream jolts me out of the white plastic chair. It came from Abbie's chair. In a second, I am over there, and asked her what happened. "I had a nightmare, and Zayn was bleeding out onto me and then the killer came and sliced his head off and then he came after me!" "Alright, it's ok," I rub her back reassuringly. "It was just a dream." She nods, and we both drift back to sleep. The next morning, Louis wakes us all and tells us that Niall and Liam can be discharged today. We grin and rush to get them. Once they are discharged, we race to Charity's house to get our things that we had packed...only yesterday? It seems like a lifetime ago. Then we drive to the nearest airport, buy tickets, and board the plane. Niall and I sit together, Harry and Caroline sit together, Louis and Emalie sit together, Charity and Liam sit together, and Abbie sits alone, staring out the window, pain in her eyes. I fall asleep and two hours later I am awakened by a voice saying, "We are at our destination, Holmes Chapel! Thank you for riding Southwest Airlines, and have a great day!" I groggily grab my backpack and we shuffle off the plane to get our luggage. Harry then hails a taxi, and we drive to Harry's mom's quaint little house. We explain the complex situation and she agrees to let us stay here. Niall, having been here before, leads me out to a pond far into the backyard, hidden by trees and bushes. We sit quietly on a bench, just cuddling, when a rustle in the bushes makes us jump. Stella sits straight up, erect, and looks around. She draws in a sharp breath and I look where she is looking. He materializes seemingly out of no where. He is holding a gun. I am about to push Stella behind me when she says, "No, Niall. Let him kill us. At least I will die with someone special." I take her hands in mine, for the last time. He pulls the trigger. 

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