Someone Special

No one understands seventeen year old Stella Brown. She talks to no one but herself, and sits alone in the courtyard at lunch. She has no friends. But one day, Niall Horan transfers from Ireland. Many girls fall for him, but Niall only falls for one person. Stella. Slowly, Stella lets down her guard, and she and Niall start to date. But when the unthinkable happens, will Stella keep her guard down long enough to help? Or will she close the world out again? Please read!!! xx


8. Shopping and Mysterious Phone Calls

Stella's P.O.V.

At noon, Caroline pulls up in her silver Prius. I hug my mom goodbye and race out to the car. To my surprise there are other girls in the car. "Is it ok I brought them along?" asks Caroline. "Yeah," I say. "Great!" Caroline looks relieved. "This is Charity, Liam's girlfriend-" Caroline gestures to a pretty brown haired girl with sparkly brown eyes. "This is Abbie, Zayn's girlfriend-" she points to a girl with shoulder length brown blond hair and a pretty smile. "This is Emalie, Louis' girlfriend-" Caroline nods toward a smiling girl with brown blond hair that goes to her shoulder blades. They all wave at me, and I smile and wave back. "Oh, and since you were probably wondering, Zayn, Louis, and Liam are Niall's friends." "Makes sense," I say and slide in next to Abbie. Caroline switches the radio on, and Friday by Rebecca Black is on. It reminds me of Niall singing. "Hey, guys," I say. "Did you know Niall can sing?" "Really?" says Emalie. "Cos Louis can too!" "And Zayn," adds Abbie. "Yeah, Liam is an amazing singer," says Charity. "Harry's voice is to die for!" yells Caroline, not to be outdone. We all laugh. "They should sing together," suggests Abbie. "A band," I pipe up. Caroline pulls haphazardly into a parking space, and we leap out the car as eagerly as a starved man goes to food. The first place we go to is Forever 21. I buy a cute ruffled purple tank top, and some glittery silver sandals. Emalie and I are waiting outside the fitting rooms when my phone rings. I dig around in my bag and find it. Unknown Caller. It's against my policy to answer UC's, but I press Answer anyway. "Hello?" A gruff voice responds, "Enjoy your life while it lasts. And your little boyfriends' too!" Click  I swallow hard, trying to belive it was just a joke. But it is kind of hard...when your parents and babysitter were killed many years ago. I tear streaks down my cheek. I don't have time for this. I have to go home! I have to warn Niall! I furiously brush the tear off my cheek and, seeing my face, Emalie says, "Stella? What's wrong?" I open my mouth but no words come out. Finally I stutter, "Call. Kill. Me. Niall. Go. Home." She tilts her head, making sense of my words. Then it registers. "Someone called you and said they would kill you and Niall and you want to go home?" I nod, relived she understood. All five of us girls hurry to the car, and Caroline steps on the gas as soon as our doors are closed. "Are you really gonna take that phone call seriously?" says Charity. I take a deep breath. And explain what I told Niall to the girls. When I finish they are wide-eyed and pale. "It can't be the same person," Caroline points out. "I don't...I don't know," I stammer. Abbie wraps me in a hug, Emalie rubs my back, and Charity offers a stay at her house to ride things out. "My parents are away," she says. "And I am an only child. It would be like a vacation...a stay-cation!" I agree, as long as Niall can come too. She says he can. When we reach my house, Clair is out, so I hastily scribble a note, then run upstairs and pack. I throw my duffel bags into the trunk, and am about to hop in when my phone rings. My gut clenches, but I answer all the same. "Hello?" "Running won't help. I will find you." Click. 

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