Someone Special

No one understands seventeen year old Stella Brown. She talks to no one but herself, and sits alone in the courtyard at lunch. She has no friends. But one day, Niall Horan transfers from Ireland. Many girls fall for him, but Niall only falls for one person. Stella. Slowly, Stella lets down her guard, and she and Niall start to date. But when the unthinkable happens, will Stella keep her guard down long enough to help? Or will she close the world out again? Please read!!! xx


4. Questions

Stella's P.O.V.

I hop off the bus and run into my house, give a quick hug to my incredulous looking mom, and flee to my room. As soon as the door is locked, I fling open my closet door. Niall asked me to take a walk on the beach with him, and I said sure. I see nothing suitable, so I stuff a wad of cash into my shoulder bag, and  head downtown. I step into a summery shop, and immediately find the cutest dress. It is red with medium sized white polka dots. It goes down mid-thigh, and has no straps or sleeves. I also buy a pair of white flats with bows on the top. I pay, and speed home to change.

Niall's P.O.V.

Once home, I change into a plaid t-shirt and jeans. I put some money in my pocket, brush my hair, and I am ready. I glance at the clock. 3:13. I have to wait 17 more minutes. Sighing, I collapse on my bed to wait.

Stella's P.O.V.

I slip into the dress and shoes and wonder, what have I been missing out on all these years? Not talking to anyone, staying in my room for days without coming out, refusing to get accounts on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. I even refused to get an Instagram, even though my mom wanted me to. A lot, I decide. I have missed out on a lot. 

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