Someone Special

No one understands seventeen year old Stella Brown. She talks to no one but herself, and sits alone in the courtyard at lunch. She has no friends. But one day, Niall Horan transfers from Ireland. Many girls fall for him, but Niall only falls for one person. Stella. Slowly, Stella lets down her guard, and she and Niall start to date. But when the unthinkable happens, will Stella keep her guard down long enough to help? Or will she close the world out again? Please read!!! xx


11. Gunshots

Stella's P.O.V.

I draw in a sharp breath, and try to keep from sobbing.

*Flash Back*

"Meg, is it Mommy and Daddy?" I ask. Meg doesn't answer and I hear a bang. Confused, I trot out to the foyer. "Meg?" I say. Meg is still on floor. I hide behind a chair, but my crying makes him come over. There is a bang, and then an intense pain in my leg. Blood is everywhere. The killer leaves, and soon I hear a siren. People burst into the house, and some people help me into a van. The hospital was full of people in white clothes and in the midst of them...the man who shot me. He looked right at me, and then vanished into the crowd.

*End of Flash Back*

Has he been looking for me all these years? A stray tear slides down my cheek. Niall jumps in front of me, Louis is in front of a quaking Emalie, Zayn is shielding a terrified Abbie, Liam is guarding a petrified Charity, and Harry is in front of a sobbing Caroline. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! He shoots four times, and leaves. "NIALL!" I scream and kneel next to Niall. He was shot in the leg, just like me. Meanwhile, Abbie is yelling, "ZAYN! ZAYN! ANSWER ME, ZAYN! PLEASE!" Zayn took two of the shots. One in the stomach, one in the stomach, and Liam is laying on the floor also, having been shot in the shoulder. Louis races to the kitchen, grabs some dish towels, and presses one against Liam's shoulder, one on Zayn's stomach and one on his shoulder, and one on Niall's leg. I whip out my phone to call 911 when it rings. Hesitantly, I press answer. "You think it's bad now? Wait'll I come back for you. This was just a warning. I will see you soon." I angrily type 911 into the keypad and a woman answers immediately. "911, what is your emergency?" "Um, three of my friends have been shot. We are on Comet Lane. Um, 549 Comet Lane." "They are on their way. Stay calm. And stay on the phone with me until they get there. Where are they shot?" "One was shot twice, in the stomach and the shoulder, another was just shot in the shoulder, another was shot in the leg. I hear the sirens." "Alright, good. Please answer any questions they have, ok?" "Ok." "Goodbye." "Bye." The door is flung open, and paramedics race in. They cart Liam, Zayn, and Niall into the ambulance. Charity, Abbie, and I are allowed to ride along. Caroline and Emalie drive separately. When we reach the hospital, Niall, Liam, and Zayn are ushered into rooms, and Caroline, Emalie, Abbie, Charity, Louis, Harry, and I collapse into chairs to wait. *Two hours later* A doctor walks out from Zayn's room. Eagerly, we all stand up and walk over to him. Louis says, "Is he ok?" The doctor shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "Well..."

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