a moonlit dance


1. a moonlit dance


I glance outside and watch the snow flakes falling softly, slow. As they reach the ground, much like a child's pursuit of a bubble, they suddenly vanish, almost as if they never existed in the first place.  The snow settling reminds me of my head on your shoulder that night, when you told me 'I could die in your arms right now and I swear I'd be happy forever.' 

I watched your eyelashes flutter close and your chest rise and fall deeper each time. I kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear; 'You are wonderful and I promise I won't leave.' 

The winter grew colder but you nestled closer to my body, cocooning yourself with blankets and warmth. I lie still while you slept, watching the moonlight dance across your face and wondering about the many images coming to life within your head, kept a secret from everyone except you.

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