Survival Love(1Direction)

Olivia Christine is just your average girl trying to live a normal life. But It's so hard to live her life when nobody cares about her or what she does.. Her school has an annual tradition called Survival camp where 5 boys and 5 girls get picked to compete against eachother to see who can survive the longest for two weeks in the wilderness. It's kind of a survive or die kind of game. But the people who come back are usually the most popular ones in school. Will Olivia choose to risk her life just to become popular?


1. Survival Camp

                                                                 Your P.O.V

"Olivia! Olivia! Olivia!" My one and 'Only' friend Chelsie literally screamed at me running down the hall of the school. I rolled my eyes and turned around to face her. "What! What! What!" I whisper screamed at her. She gave me a dirty look, rolled her eyes then said "Are you signing up for Survival Camp?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "What is Survival Camp?" I asked. Her eyes widened and she yelled "You don't know what Survival Camp is?!" loud enough for everybody to hear and look at us. A couple of the jocks with the varsity jackets came over to us. Oh gosh, this can't be good!

The guy looked at his friends then back to me and said "The only reason she does'nt know about Survival Camp, is because she's not popular, and does'nt have any 'friends,' to tell her about anything." I looked down in hurt. I can't believe he has the guts to say something like that. Chelsie gave him a death glare, but he just kept on talking. "Oh so now your going to cry. Maybe you should sign up for the Survival camp so you can die in the wilderness and not be here anymore." At this point, I could'nt keep in my tears and they just started falling. Now Chelsie's face was beat red and she was furious, and she screamed "You know what! How 'bout you just take your little possie and leave!!" But the boy ignored her, and instead he put his hands over his mouth yelling "Look everbody, theres a baby over here!!"

I looked up and everybody was pointing and laughing at me, except one boy who was just frowning, face as red as a cherry. The boy was popular so I was curious why he was'nt laughing along with everybody else. He looked at his friends who were laughing and said something to them. I don't know what It was, but they stopped laughing and all of them walked over to the jocks who were now the only ones laughing. The one jock said "What?" The one boy just rolled his eyes and said furiously to him "I think the girl is right. You should just take your little possie, and leave this girl the hell alone." After he said that, I stopped crying and was actually, a 'little happy' that he was sticking up for me. I could hear a few 'Ohhhhs' from the crowd, and knew that there was going to be a fight. "What'd you just say to me, geek?" The noises from the crowd were getting louder and there ended up being a circle around all of us. "You heard me." the boy said. Sooner or later the boy and his friends, and the jock and his possie were all up in eachothers faces screaming and cussing at eachother.

There was no fight untill the jock pushed the boy up against the locker holding the collar of his shirt everybody got really quiet and just stared at the scene in front of them. The jock looked at me and back to the boy and whispered to him "Your sticking up for your little girly friend aren't you!" The boy tried getting out of the jock's arms, but he looked so weak and failed to. The jock just used his strength to push the boy up to the locker even more so the boy had to stand on his toes. I was all happy that the boy was sticking up for me, scared and  week. All these feelings mixed in made me so confused. but something so un-expected came out of my mouth....

"I'll sign up for the Survival Camp if you let him go!"



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