Everythings gonna be alright

After Hayden and Hannah's family die in a car crash in Toronto, Canada, Hannah goes off to college and Hayden rents a home near the famous Justin Bieber, but she doesnt know. Hayden isnt a fan of Justin Bieber, actually she has no interest at all in him. Except when her sister, a major belieber, finds out that Hayden knows JB, Hayden and JB need to run away from paps.



3. Whos outside?

After unpacking, we were going to go in the front yard to play soccer, but noticed tons of girls screaming.

"What the...." I said peeking out the window.

"Umm I am going to research our street to see why many girls are here."
 she said getting out her laptop. I went back to making dinner since it was like 5 and we were hungry.

It took her a while to research because we needed to setup internet and wifi but finally someone I wasnt expecting came outside of the neighbors door. Just as that happened, jenna said the same thing I was going to say.

" I know who lives there." she said worridly knowing I would be upset.

"me too." I gulped. "Justin Bieber."

We looked out the window and noticed he had locked himself out of his house. Seriously, how could I live here. I dont know why I wanted to live here anyways. Oh wait I didnt. DAMN Hannah probably knew he lived here. Me and Jenna went into the dining room and played monopoly until we heard a huge knock on the door.

"Ill get it" Jenna rose up and went to answer the door. "come in" she said, and I couldnt tell who it was.

"Im Jenna and my friend Hayden is down the hall, follow me." Howd she know I was spying. Am I that loud :| She was holding his hand. I wanted to slap her but I didnt. She brought him in my house.

"Hi, Im Justin." he said holding his hand out.

"Im Hayden. and umm why are you here?" I said not shaking his hand.

Justins p.o.v.


Wow those fans made me lock myself outve my door and I had to come to my neighbors house.

"umm my fans kina made me lock myself out of my own house." I said with my eyes hurt, knowing she probably wasnt a fan.

"oh... how long are you going to be here?" she asked with hope in her eyes that I left soon.

"I said he could stay as long as he needed." jenna said knowing her friend would be mad.

"Jenna in private please." They left to the kitchen.

Jennas p.o.v.


Well I really shouldnt have done that. Lets just say Hayden isnt happy.

"You know I am not a fan and I hate him," she said.

"Just give him a chance, please! He probably wouldve done the same for you." I said with plead.

"For 1 day thats it! I dont care if he is trampled to death," she said with anger in her voice.

Justins p.o.v.


Wow this girl must hate me a lot.

After she came outve the kitchen she said I needed to sleep on the couch. Then she said i couldnt use her bathroom only the one downstairs, and then said not to touch her stuff. What did I do? Serioisly!
"Umm Hayden?" I asked

"WHAT DO U WANT?" she asked with a hell lot of anger.

"Is there a reason why I am being hated a lot in this household?" i asked playing with my hair.

Her hazel eyes turned softer than ever and she said calmly"Im just not a fan. sorry for being rude, if you want you can sleep in my bed and i will sleep with Jenna." She said the nicest i have ever seen her.

"Okay thanks." I said. Thank god I dont have to sleep on the couch.

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