Everythings gonna be alright

After Hayden and Hannah's family die in a car crash in Toronto, Canada, Hannah goes off to college and Hayden rents a home near the famous Justin Bieber, but she doesnt know. Hayden isnt a fan of Justin Bieber, actually she has no interest at all in him. Except when her sister, a major belieber, finds out that Hayden knows JB, Hayden and JB need to run away from paps.



34. TV

The TV started flashing

"Justin bieber saved by a minute of shock"

"Justin bieber is saved by a miracle"

"Justin, has had a rough week but is saved by shock.."

Every channel was talking about him. He had been saved, but nobody could see him. Hayden walked out and came back and he was fine. They said shock treatment made him come back, but Hayden knew it was a lie.

"Maybe it was real." Ryan shrugged.

"Yeah ok." I looked at him. "Remember. The video is in the corner of the video. It's a secret." I said. "Nobody can see it outside of us and J".

"Yeah I'll rush, and meet you here in ten." He said looking around.

"Ok. Go." He ran.

I sat on a chair and went on my phone

Ten mins later he came back. He was scared.

"I found it. But.."

"What RYANNN??" I jumped up.

"It's a copy. Someone has an original. God knows." He worried.

I fell onto a chair and cried. I wouldn't be myself. That tape had all details of justin and I's relationship.

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