Everythings gonna be alright

After Hayden and Hannah's family die in a car crash in Toronto, Canada, Hannah goes off to college and Hayden rents a home near the famous Justin Bieber, but she doesnt know. Hayden isnt a fan of Justin Bieber, actually she has no interest at all in him. Except when her sister, a major belieber, finds out that Hayden knows JB, Hayden and JB need to run away from paps.



25. Break

I just woke up.

Justin invited Austin Mahone, Alex Constancio, Ryan Beatty to hangout. I have to dress nice.

We also started our first duet because he says I have natural talent.

So, I picked out a pink dress which is very girl, and a bow. Justin said I looked perfect, but I thought I looked okay.

"Im gonna go tell Jenna Ill be right back." I walked home quick.



"Im gonna be gone for the night again."
"okay, but tomorrow come home im lonely"

I felt bad."Promise."

I walked down to justins. He had tons of food ordered, which had just arrived. I was shocked at all the ice cream and chicken, how does he eat them at the same time?

"Hayden, you look perfect."
"thanks" I blushed.

"I have two people coming for you."
"do I know them?" Great.

"one of them, you have met. The other, you've heard of."

umm it has to be like his ex or something, because I don't know anyone. Seriously. Besides him Jenna and Ryan..

"Here the guys are, smile :)" He kissed me quick then opened the door. No fans this time..

"Hey, man whats up?" Austin laughed

"How ya doin?" Alex asked

"good how are you?" Justin said

"Just chillin" they walked in.

Then, Jake Miller arrived, and oh my I wish I was 12 again, I used to love him.

"JUSTTTIIIN" He ran up to Justin and they handshook, same with Austin and alex. Who knew?

Then Ryan Beatty came, who was rather quiet, and gave a quick hi.

"Yeah, boys meet my girl, Hayden." Justin hugged me and pushed me over."
"Hi, its nice to see you all in person eh?" I laughed and they all laughed with me and said I was gorgeous.

"Anyways, I have two more guests coming." Justin giggled. Then, farmiliar headlights came by... It couldn't be.


"JUSTINNNNNNN U INVITED HANNAH?" I smiled with wide eyes.

"Well, yeh" He winked

"Shes a fangirl" I laughed and shook my head. Hannah came in shouting.

"HEY JUSTIN!!!" She ran up to him...

"Eh hey Hannah!" He was so regretting it. So, she got drunk fast and fell asleep

It was about 10pm when the last guest came. I was dying to know. If its my parents.... omg that would scare me.

"SHES HERE" Justin screamed as she came to the door, but I couldn't see throught the window.

"Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for.." He opened the door and I couldn't believe what I saw.

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