Everythings gonna be alright

After Hayden and Hannah's family die in a car crash in Toronto, Canada, Hannah goes off to college and Hayden rents a home near the famous Justin Bieber, but she doesnt know. Hayden isnt a fan of Justin Bieber, actually she has no interest at all in him. Except when her sister, a major belieber, finds out that Hayden knows JB, Hayden and JB need to run away from paps.



2. A new friend

I awoke to a note on the counter. It said,

dear Hayden, I left at 3am to get to the airport early, I will come up for xmas and call for your birthday! LOVE YA Hannah Jess.

She always wrote Hannah Jess. I dont know why to be honest, because we dont have middle names. Anyways I grabbed my suitcase, locked the door and left to the new house. This house was for Hannah now because mom and dad left it for her. I know, great parents. When I got on the bus to go to my new home I saw someone who was crying. I sat next to them.

"Hi, Im Hayden, are you ok?" I asked trying to comfort her.

"Im Jenna, and um I was just crying because I have no where to go." She said choking on tears.

"Why not?" I asked politely.

"Because the orphanage kicked me out." she said, still crying.

"You can stay with me at my house," I said trying to be kind.

"Are you sure your parents wont mind?" She asked. How do I explain....

"Well I dont think they would becasue 1. they are dead. and 2. its my house.

"Oh sorry for asking" she said.

"Dont worry about it." I said

3 hours later we arrived at my new home and the home owner was in front, waiting for me.

"Are you Hayden State?" He asked Jenna.

"Actually I am" I said shaking his hand.

"Well I have decided you can own the house. But make sure you take care of it." he gave me the key and left. Me and Jenna went inside and the house was beautifully furnished.

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