Everythings gonna be alright

After Hayden and Hannah's family die in a car crash in Toronto, Canada, Hannah goes off to college and Hayden rents a home near the famous Justin Bieber, but she doesnt know. Hayden isnt a fan of Justin Bieber, actually she has no interest at all in him. Except when her sister, a major belieber, finds out that Hayden knows JB, Hayden and JB need to run away from paps.



24. 2

 I finally got up at 2 pm and managed to walk into the living room, where J was.

"Hey how ya feelin?"

"Like I lived my whole life already"
He giggled. OMG so cute.

"You hungry babe?" I never thought it but yeah

"Yes." I sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. I loved him too much.

I rested on him for a long time, and fell asleep. Somehow in the process he managed to carry me to bed and he made some mac n cheese. He woke me up again at 4.

"Did I make you that tired?" He smiled.

"Yeah but i can soooo deal with it for u" I got up and we went downstairs in the entertainment center to watch tv. I lay right next to him. We ate within seconds. We both rushed for the same thing. He eyed me down until I finished seconds later, and then we began making out intense. It was nice.

He pushed the food to the floor, picked me up and lay me on top of him. We also managed to pull each others shirts off. He started to unsnap my bra when I stopped for a second.

"Wait what if it hurts again, Justin im scared."

"I promise itll feel good this time.

Then he pulled my bra off for the second time. 

We were both naked, on top of each other, he was making me suck him and I was clueless af.

He moaned like every second.

He then picked me up and went inside me

I moaned really loud.
"Told Ya"


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