You Found Me

I ran away from home, I ran away from my past. I had no where to go. I knew I would die on the streets. But that has to better than being killed by someone who loves me? Better than being killed by the one I love? That's what I thought until I ran into someone . . . This someone just happened to be part of a famous boy-band.


1. Run

I bolted out the front door, with a backpack holding some clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, some money and toiletries. I pulled my mobile out of my pocket and pulled the sim card out and threw it on the floor. It didn't matter, I had no credit on it anymore. I ran and ran as far as I could. Running away from my problems. 

I had been running for half an hour now, with a few pauses along the way to catch my breath. I looked down at the ground as I ran and smacked into someone. I fell onto the floor. I looked up to see Louis Tomlinson standing there looking shocked. I scrambled up onto my feet and apologised quickly. 

"I'm so sorry, I'm just in a rush . . ." I stammered. Panicking. 

"It's fine, I'm sorry too." Louis apologised. I smiled slightly, turning around to check if I was being followed. 

"It's fine. I'm sorry." I apologised again. 

"Is someone chasing you?" Louis asked curiously, taking note of me turning around. 

"Um. No idea." I mumbled. I had no idea what I was going to do with myself, I am only nineteen. 

"Wanna come back to mine?" He asked. I nodded and we walked to his apartment. I sat on the sofa. 

"What's with the bag?" He asked. Looking at me curiously. 

"I'm running away." I stated. 

"Why?" He asked, I shook my head. Not answering that question. "Where do you plan on going?" 

"Not sure. I was just going to sleep on the streets. I didn't think of a plan when I left, all I thought was 'I have to get out'." I explained. 

"You can stay here for a bit, but you have to tell me why you ran away." Louis compromised. 

"Fine. I ran away from my boyfriend." I murmured. 

Flashback to earlier that day- 'I looked at Joe, then at his sister who lay unconscious on the the floor. He had thrown a beer bottle at her head. I had no idea why. I got woken up by the loud noise. I know he hit her with a beer bottle as next to her lay a smashed one. I turned around and ran up to my room, grabbing my backpack. I had to leave. He had already sent me to hospital twice this week. I had cuts and bruises over my body as evidence. I filled it up with my essentials, got changed into the first clothes I touched and shoved my mobile into my pocket. I slipped on my trainers and jumped out the window onto the top of the lounge window then climbed down that and ran. I pulled my phone out and text Joe telling him it was over.'

"Why?" Louis asked. I focused on his face. Then told him the story. He gave me a hug and promised he would protect me. 

"How old is Joe?" Louis asked. 

"Twenty. I'm nineteen." I explained. 


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