You Found Me

I ran away from home, I ran away from my past. I had no where to go. I knew I would die on the streets. But that has to better than being killed by someone who loves me? Better than being killed by the one I love? That's what I thought until I ran into someone . . . This someone just happened to be part of a famous boy-band.


2. A Place To Stay

"Why were you with him?" Louis asked. Wanting to know more about me. 

"I knew him in school, we have been going out for four years now. He didn't start abusing me till I moved in with him two years ago. My parents moved away so I couldn't go back to them and they don't want to know me since I moved out without their permission. I thought Joe was the one." I confessed, burying my face in my hands. 

"I'm sorry." Louis murmured, wrapping his arm around me. 

"It's not your fault, I shouldn't have been so stupid!" I sobbed. The doorbell rang and Louis jumped up to answer it. 

"Hiya, honey!" He greeted enthusiastically. I bit my tongue to stop myself from sobbing so I could hear their conversation. Louis had a girlfriend? 

"Is someone crying?" a girly voice asked. 

"No, no, um." Louis blurted out quickly. 

"Is it Niall again? You don't have to cover for him y'know. I won't think he's pathetic or anything." She replied. 

"I'm busy right now . . ." Louis began. 

"You have a girl in your house?" She asked, I looked up and saw her. "A tramp to be exact. Why would you cheat on me with that thing?" She screeched at him. 

"She bumped into me, she had nowhere to go." Louis stammered. 

"So?! Does it matter? Let her live on the streets where scum like her belongs." She hissed at him, pointing at me. 

"I do have a house." I muttered. 

"No one asked you to speak." She spat at me. 

"Amy, that's not exactly a nice thing to say." Louis muttered. I stood up and walked up to her. 

"I have a house, I just ran away from it OK? I ran away from getting killed!" I spat back at her. She slapped me around the face. I held my cold hands to my cheek. 

"I said no one asked you to speak! Get out of this house! Go live on the streets, no one cares about you . . ." She screamed in my face, I cut her off with a slap that pushed her to the floor. 

"No one asked you to be a bitch." I retorted. "I would rather live on the streets than be a snob like you." Louis walked up to me and looked me in the eye. 

"Go into the kitchen please, let me talk to Amy." he whispered. I nodded and obeyed his orders. I sat on the hard cold tiles. 

"She slapped me and you're going to let her stay here?" Amy screamed. 

"You slapped her first, she didn't do anything to you!" Louis yelled back at her. 

"She was in my boyfriend's apartment!" Amy screeched and I heard the front door slam. A few seconds later Louis was in the kitchen, his hand outstretched to help me up. He looked at me cheek and grabbed a cloth from the cupboards and ran it under the cold tap. He carefully placed it to my cheek and held it there. His eyes locked onto mine. 

"I'm sorry about her." Louis murmured. 

"It's fine. Why are you with her?" I asked. 

"I have been with her for nine months, it's a publicity stunt really at first. Her career gets a boost and so does mine." Louis explained. "But I do love her, it's not so much to help our careers now, it's more because we want to be together. But she's changing. What happened today isn't a first. I can't even talk to a shop assistant if she's a girl without getting yelled at and accused of flirting." 

"You can leave, y'know." I muttered. 

"I don't want to, she will just go crazy." Louis explained. "I tried to leave before. She went crazy and threatened to kill herself." He peeled the cloth away from my cheek and placed it on the side. 

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