Hermione is a princess. A very happy one, in fact. With her wedding in a few days, hopefully nothing will go wrong. That is the start of a recipe for diasater. Just add a black hole desgised as a mirror in a Jack Wills shop...


1. I am Hermione

As I said- I am Hermione. I am the daughter of a powerful king. He rules the land without a fear of anything throughout his kingdom, the powerful land of Hermithril. He named it after me! I am, well, the mockingjay (Hunger games series) for Hermithril! Every little girl looks up to me, "Look! Mummy, Daddy, it's Hermione, our beautiful princess!" screamed another little girl."Hi!" I reply, these situations are always awkward. You know, sometimes I just want to chill out, have a good time with my friends. Right now, we are all going shopping. Martha leans over. "Do you have to say that to all of them?" I ignore her and roll my eyes, she says that whenever I get idolised. Right now, this trip is getting boring. I don't care for shopping really, just chilling at home is good fun. My ladies in waiting are better at shopping than me.

"OH MY GOD!!!!"

Ug, what is it now, Harrie? You startled me. "THERE'S A NEW JACK WILLS!!!" Wow. Interesting. Whopee. Really wanted one of them. She's a really nice girl, Harrie. We're just not that similar. "Come oooooon. We have to go there Hermi! Don't roll your eyes at me!" She drags me and Martha into the shop. "Would you like to get me a present Hermi?" Harrie looks up at me with pleading puppy-dog eyes. I laughed. "No! Of course not! Do you not have your own money?" She sighed and truged over to a rack of expesive clothes. "Well.. yes but I had to spe- OOH! doesn't this dress look totally cute on me?! Only £100!" I had to come up with a sarcastic comment. "Not much there for £100." YES! Totally pulling it off, which I did, creates a fountain of giggles from Martha's end of the shop, smirks from mine, and a whole load of grumpy air from Harrie's. 10 million dresses later, I finally got back home. Here Timmy was waiting with a bouquet of... wait....PINK ROSES!!!! Aww! He remembered! pink roses are the most romantic flowers ever. He should remember, we're getting married in a week!! Yay! Almost 6 days to go! My father chose him, like an arranged marrige, but  I totally adore him! Everyone agrees, he is the best prince EVER! Well, everyone if you think my horse, Karma, is everyone.

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