Life Is Tough

In this Movella, We go around with Claire , the girl who just moved to Canada due to her father's work transfer. She goes to a fancy school called JHH Middle School.

***This Movella is inspired by my favourite author Rachel Renee Russell-The creator of *Dork Diaries***


1. It's only just the beginning ...

***Clair'es POV***

It was 6:00 AM when i woke up in the morning. Yawning and rubbing my eyes, i wore my bunny shaped slippers and went up to look in my mirror. WOW did i look messy! My hair looked like a plate of curly fries, my eyes were all crusty and i could feel my self sweating! This day couldn't get any worse.. But it did .


 My Mum jumped in happily holding an outfit which looked like it belonged to a Barbie Doll. It apparently was the "School Outfit" I was supposed to wear to school today to make a good first impression. 

"No mum! This outfit is so embarrassing! I mean seriously! Look at it! Knee Socks?! Really mum!?"

"This is the outfit i wore to my first day of school (High School to be exact) And it was considered hip and FABSOME! And with your new hairstyle , this outfit should work fine!" 

I felt insulted , humiliated , and confused at the same time.

"But mom!! This isn't what we kids call "HIP AND ugh i can't even say it .. FABSOME" these days!

"Well i don't care! You're going to school in this outfit whether you like it or not! And you better be wearing this exact same outfit when i pick you up in the afternoon!"

She then shut the door , and walked downstairs humming.

See what it's like to live here? it's a complete MADHOUSE! No one ever listens to you! 

I groaned and threw the outfit mum gave me on the bed.

I went to the bathroom and fixed myself up. After i got out i hid an extra outfit in my bag so i would change when i arrived at school and before my mum picked me up! PERFECT PLAN! 

My bag looked a little puffy due to the packing of the extra clothes , so i sensed my mum knew what i was up to.

"What a nice bag you got there, Claire. I like the poofy effect and all"

"Hehe. yeah! The effect is amazing! it gives me the feeling of carrying a cloud behind me! Hehehe hehehehe ... I trailed off"

I finished my plate of syrup covered pancakes quickly & went to put my plates in the sink .. when i heard the sound of a zipper being zipped open. Then everything turned into slow motion.

I came back running into the dining room screaming "NOOOOOOOO" then i tripped over a wire, and into my father's cup of coffee.

By the time i raised my head up , My mum had taken the outfit i packed out of my bag , and was dangling it infront of my face . It was like she was trying to hypnotize me or something!

"Umm that is for Catia! She told me to put this in my bag!"

"I DID NOT!" Cried Catia "Claire is just blaming me for not behaving well!"

"Good girl Catia!" I Heard my mum say. She was such a GOODY GOODY!

My father was pretty upset about his coffee, too. And forced me to make him a new one. And , he also said i wasn't allowed to leave the house until it tasted the way he liked it! 

"But.. But...BUT!!" I muttered. THIS WAS INSANE!!! It wasn't enough i had to dress up like a doll to school, but i also had to deal with my FAMILY!

I felt like crying then. I went up and washed my coffee scented face and went to work. Luckily he liked my homemade coffee right away, but the bad news is that he said he wants me to make him his coffee everyday from now on! 

"Take it as practice for when you get married and get to serve your OWN husband" He said smiling

Like i was ever going to get married after this experience ! I don't wanna have kids!!!!

I brushed my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my bag and waited in the car. For the first time ever, i couldn't wait to go to school and leave this complete MADHOUSE!!!!


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