How We Came To Be

this was originally a daydream but then i turned it into a story. this is the clean version that i used to pass in for a writing assignment at school, but i can add some stuff if you'd like. this is my first one so i hope you enjoy! no hate please.i also turned it into a love story towards the end. and i'm also entering this in a contest too! wish me luck!


4. The Last Chapter i think :)

it's been about 9 years since the band was formed and about 6 since Charlotte and Penelpe were born. i have 3 other kids besides Charlotte and Penelope. Matthew and Marcus are 4 and they're twins, but Marcus is older than Matthew by a few hours. And then i have Dorothy who's 2 now. I'm pregnant again by the way but not on accident, me and Louis wanted to start a family after we had Charlotte and Penelope and Liam and his girlfriend are following in our footsteps. Louis and i are married now, we got married back in May. sometimes the kids can be a fuss but i love them and that's what matters the most. Harry's now married to his longtime girlfriend Paula and they are living in his flat on the other side of the town with their little girl Darcy. Niall is still dating Meagan and her brothers are pestering her about it. Zayn has a girlfriend now, her name is Hayleigh and she's really nice too. the band and i still have concerts and interveiws but not nearly as much 6 years ago, mainly because we all have our own lives and some of us have started families. the paparatzzi doesn't really bother us anymore, they'll actually ask for pics instead of just sneaking up on us and snapping a picture. the girls have just stated going to school and i was really nervous at first, remembering what i was like back  in the days. i was always getting into trouble cause i had anger issues. the anger issues were probably because my parents got divorced when i had just started preschool or kindergarten. and they were in first grade so i was releived that they had made it through kindergaten without any trouble. Matthew and Marcus were in preschool and Dorothy was in daycare because i have a job at the hospital as a Neonatal Nurse. my boss Reese, wants me to take it easy cause i'm pregnant but i'm only four months along. they haven't been able to tell if it's a boy or girl yet, but the boys are hoping they get a brother. i don't blame them, having 4 women running around the house and only having them and their dad, the boys need to stick together. sometimes the rest of the boys come over with their girlfriends, wives, and kids. Harry always spoils the kids, i guess he's just that kind of uncle. Liam on the other hand doen't he just acts like he is a kid again when he's around kids, especially his own. he has a girl who's 4, her name is Taylor, and a boy 2, his name is Lucas but everyone calls him luke. fans still come to see us sometimes but not as often back in the days. i remember when we were getting off of a plane in L.A or someplace like that and getting mobbed by hundreds of fans. the boys had peices of clothing ripped off of them, and to us girls not so much. the police ended up being called and they shoved us in the van and the whole time we were thinking things like wow, that was crazy, and what a rush. you could say we split up the band and i but that's not true. we didn't split up, the band just got replaced by a new group Emblem3. it went from One Direction to Emblem3. the good news is the wanted arn't bothering us anymore either, the bad news is they are bothering Emblem3. we try to help them when we can. (Emblem3 NOT the wanted.) we are all just family now the boys and i we are are still One Direction, but we are also a family.

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