How We Came To Be

this was originally a daydream but then i turned it into a story. this is the clean version that i used to pass in for a writing assignment at school, but i can add some stuff if you'd like. this is my first one so i hope you enjoy! no hate please.i also turned it into a love story towards the end. and i'm also entering this in a contest too! wish me luck!


2. i lied that wasnt the only chapter :)

we just played at Madison Square Garden and it was awesome! i thought it was going to be kind of small, boy was i wrong! it was much bigger than i had imagined, much, much bigger. we had fun rehearsing for the big night. most of the time we were just goofing off, and that's what we ended up doing on stage. just being ourselves, singing, jumping around, and answering questions from the audience via twitter. some of the questions were kind of weird, but there was a really cool one where someone in the audience asked us to dance to this cool new thing called Gangnam Style. after the show we all went down to the under 18 club and had a fun time talking to the people who won contests and hanging out with the people who made this concert possible. the music was loud and my ears were still ringing from the very loud crowd that night when i heard a familiar voice calling my name. i couldn't believe it! my friend Nitalia was here! how did you find me i asked Nitalia. she said she had tried to call me but couldn't find my old number, so she got V.I.P tickets and backstage passes to see me and the rest of the band. i said you didn't have to do that, you could have skyped me or tweeted me or facebooked me. she didn't have all of those things she said. so she hung out with me and the rest of the band untill she had to go. after she left i had something to drink. i thought since it was an under 18 club there wasn't going to be alcohol. aparently i was wrong. some drinks were non alcoholic but most of them wern't. the drink i chose unfortunatly was alcoholic. i drank too much and eventually got drunk. at the same time the boys were drunk too. i ended up dancing with Niall and Louis that night, and i guess you could guess what happened next. i woke up lying next to Louis and i realized what i had done last night. i had lost my virginity with one of my bandmates. i started to freak out because i thought that would ruin the mutual friendship that we had together, and the fact that one of my best friends really liked him. i was also paranoid that i would get pregnant. gosh i hoped i wasn't pregnant. i got up got some clothes on and went to grab a bowl of cereal. when i got to the kitchen i realized that everyone else was already awake. i thought to myself "gosh i wonder if they know me and Louis got it on last night." my question was then answered when i noticed Niall and Anna had a pissed off facial expression. as i was eating my cereal, Harry broke the ice and said "so how was your fun with louis last night?" know for sure they knew. i was in the middle of explaining everything when Louis walked in. there was an akward silence. after that long moment of akward silence i decided to got to the store and get a pregnancy test,(just to be sure.) i didn't want to freak the rest of the band out on why and where i was going, so i told them i was going to the store to buy more cereal. i wasn't expecting it but Niall said he would come with me. he asked why i was going to get more cereal because there was still a fair amount left in the flat. so i told him the real resaon. he seemed to understand where i was coming from, and i was surprised. when we got to the store i went and got the test and a few other things, then we checked out. as soon as we payed i went to the bathroom. i took the pregnancy test out and used it. i was shocked to see a little pink plus sign. i wanted to make sure it wasn't faulty so i told Niall to get me another, so hed did. i took the next one and used it.Another pink plus sign! i was terrified, i was only 16 and i was pregnant with my bandmate, Louis Tomlinson's baby. i had to tell him, i know i did, i just didn't know how to tell him, it was just SOOOO hard. i was taking a long time so Niall came in and checked on me to make sure i was alright. i was in the middle of crying when he came in. i was crying really hard when he started to comfort me. he saw the tests and realized why i was crying. he said we would get through this, he said we, why did he say we? that's when he kissed me. i was really surprised when he kissed me, because he's only showed very little affection towards me, and that was when i was only 13. he said to me we have to tell Louis, if we don't tell him soon he will find out when the baby bump starts to show, and we also have to tell management because if we have to do another tour and do back flips and stuff on stage while your'e pregnant you could hurt yourself and your baby. i said that was a good idea, so he helped me up and we went home hand in hand. as soon as i got home, i realized that Louis wasn't there. Niall realized that too. the rest of the boys were there and Liam said that he went out with his girlfriend Anna. (btw Louis is dating Anna who was in the band but later on she quit because the hate was getting to her, so Louis started dating her.) i had just realized that he had a girlfriend, this was not going to end up well. when Louis got home later on he saw the look on my face and panicked. he knew what my face meant.( i was making a "we need to talk" face.) everyone else in the room cleared out of the room because they already knew what was going to happen next. i told him that i was pregnant. he started to freak out saying but we used protection! i know Louis but sometimes they're defective i said. what about Anna? he said. i don't know ok, Louis you'll just have to tell her that you got your band mate pregnant and stuff! i said. now we were in a heated argument and i knew i was going to lose. you'll just have to deal with it Louis, your'e a father now and you can't escape that! i knew i had won that argument because he stormed off to his room and slammed the door. Harry came out from the kitchen and said we'll help you get through this, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and me, you don't have to do this alone, you have us, then he smiled. i smiled back and then we had a massive group hug. as we were in the middle of a massive group hug Paula came barging in. sorry i'm late, i heard there was something important you needed to tell me. (Paula is part of the band but she is also a model so she isn't always around, and she's dating Harry.) i walked over still tears on my face and said to her "i'm pregnant". she was shocked at the news, and said how far along are you? i said a few days. she started to ask me a whole bunch of other questions like, who's the dad and other things. we all hung out for a little while when we started to get tired. i slept on the bed in Niall's room and he slept on the mini couch that he had in his room. my room was right next to Louis' and i didn't want to be anywhere near him at the moment. the next morning i felt awful, and then i remembered everything that had happened the day before. i dreaded seeing Louis that day. i later found out that he had told Anna and she said she was fine with it and that she was planning on telling him that she needed a break anyways, which he totally under stood. he had told management already and now the press was starting to suspect something was up, because the paparazzi caught me in the store with the pregnancy tests inside my basket. management somehow stopped the rumours, but there was still a lot out there. Mary (our manager) then told us to pack our bags because we were now back on tour.

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