How We Came To Be

this was originally a daydream but then i turned it into a story. this is the clean version that i used to pass in for a writing assignment at school, but i can add some stuff if you'd like. this is my first one so i hope you enjoy! no hate please.i also turned it into a love story towards the end. and i'm also entering this in a contest too! wish me luck!


3. Another chapter for your likings :)

i am now 9 months pregnant and we are almost finished our tour. Louis and i are dating and me and Niall are best friends. Niall has a girlfriend now and she's really nice, her Name is Meagan and she has two older brothers named Drake and Josh. ( i thought it would be funny if i added them in here!) in case you were wondering i had my ultrasound last week and i found out that a was having twins! they are both girls and  me and Louis haven't thought of any names yet. they are supposed to be due sometime around Valintines Day, oh how romantic it would be if they were born on Valintines day which by the way is tomorrow. i'm not allowed on stage because i have gotten so big and management doesn't want me getting hurt or my babies getting hurt. it was just a couple of weeks ago when i first felt them kick. me and the boys were doing an interveiw with Kiss 108, my local pop station when i lived in Nashua. Matty was in the middle of asking us a question when i yelped. everyone panicked and was saying things to me like are you in labor and stuff like that. i replied with babies kicked. they then put all their hands on my tummy and were squeeling with delight. it was kind of akward for me because i'm not used to people sticking their hands om my tummy just yet. i've had people on the street do it before but the guys hadn't yet. we were there for a few more hours then we had to go to another interveiw on the Ellen Show. the same thing happened there, but this time it was much more hilarious. it first started out with Ellen joking around about how Nickelodeon had pranked them in an interveiw back November when i was 6 months pregnant, and then she showed the audience the clip. soon after the clip i felt them kick again and Ellen thought i was in Labor, so i decided to play along. it got to the point where i just about had everyone believing i was in labor when i said, oops sorry false alarm they just kicked. everyone was like omg you did not just do that. and i was like oh yes i did. Back to the present! i was having cravings so i decided to get something to eat and Niall drove me we were at Nandos placing our orders when i felt wet in my pants. i couldn't believe i was going into labor at Nandos! Niall noticed right away what i was trying to tell him and canceled our order. he was like are you sure your'e in labor he said. well what do you think Niall?! i know i didn't just pee my pants and i sure as hell don't have my period! i said. he quickly helped me into the car and called Louis and the rest of the band. the roads were really backed up when we drove onto the highway. i was in my moody pregnant woman mood so i was yelling at Niall. I sure as hell don't want my babies to be born on a highway! i yelled to him, so he drove off the highway and called an ambulance to take us to the Hospital. when the ambulance got there it was quite a rush getting to the Hospital. when i got there i was screaming in pain so the nurses wheeled me off to the delivery room. Louis got there a little while later with the band. unfortunately the paparazzi and the press had found out i was in labor and were pestering the guys. security was called and they backed off. at the moment Charlotte Ann Tomlinson was in the Nursery and Penelope Rose Tomlinson was Being born. (btw in this story Louis has a sister named Maddilynn instead of Charlotte.) it was very tiring having Charlotte And Penelope born so i was asleep when the rest of the band was allowed to see me and the twins. a week later me and the twins were allowed to go home Mary our manager picked me up and said the boys couldn't be here because they were in an interveiw, she noticed i was disapointed when she said that, so she said but don't worry they'll be back soon. what i didn't know was that they were back at the flat and were planning a surprise wecome home party for me. we got there and it was all dark inside when suddenly someone turned the light on and said surprise! Welcome home! i started to get all flattered and said you didn't have to do this and such. but the boys and Paula said but we wanted to so welcome home! and then we took the girls to the nursery that was put in. we partied a little bit but i was tired so i went to bed thinking about the future. 

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