How We Came To Be

this was originally a daydream but then i turned it into a story. this is the clean version that i used to pass in for a writing assignment at school, but i can add some stuff if you'd like. this is my first one so i hope you enjoy! no hate please.i also turned it into a love story towards the end. and i'm also entering this in a contest too! wish me luck!


1. this is the only chapter :)


We met in the fall of seventh grade; I never thought we could have gone from best friends to band mates. It was a chilly fall day and I did not want to go to school, but yet a strange sensation wanted me to go. So, I got up and threw on my blue and white halter top, a random pair of skinny jeans, my Hollister jacket, and my fake uggs. The bus ride to school was horrible:  all the noise and the fear of the new sixth graders, the smell of all the sweaty eighth grade boys. When I got to school I felt a little bit better. When I got to school I saw my friends Paula and Annabelle, I met them last year. One thing was different though, I noticed that there were five new boys in class who I’ve never seen, or heard before. Normally if there was a new boy in class all the girls would instantly shun him, but this was different. Literally you could not get to that side of the room; it was so packed with girls. You could tell they were different from the rest of the boys, but you didn’t know why. Finally, the bell rang and the crowd disappeared, I kind of stayed away because I thought if I ran over there to talk they’d freak out and run away. They were really surprised when I backed off and they signaled me to come over, so I did. I was really nervous because usually I’m not outgoing and I only have two or three friends, and the fact that they were really cute. I was really wrong by my judging. I thought they’d be some group of friends that only hang out with each other and nobody else. They’re actually really nice once you get to know them. Blonde is Niall Horan, the one who wears stripes all the time is Louis Tomlinson, the one with the super curly awesome hair is Harry Styles, the shy responsible one is Liam Payne, and the one with the gangsta attitude is Zayn Malik. I instantly fell for Niall and Louis but it was only a little. The boys, my friends, and I became instant friends. We would do everything together like homework and other things. One day we all decided to have a sleepover at my house. I was setting up everything when Anna and Paula showed up.  We made sure that everything was all set. Fortunately my mom works from her office upstairs and her face is always stuck to the laptop screen, so we are basically allowed to anything we want. My friends and I were talking about this new band called the wanted and how they’re so terrible, when the boys showed up. They were with a guy that I haven’t seen before. They noticed me confused then they explained everything to me. The guy that was with them was their foster parent Paul. Apparently all their parents weren’t able to take care of them so Paul took them. I had never known this before, why were they telling me all now? Since their eyes were all teary I decided to take their minds off of the subject by telling them about food. Niall’s eyes quickly lit up when he heard we have food. I left with Zayn to go to kfc. I wasn’t going to tell Niall because he’d beg to come with me and end up eating everything on the way home, trust me he’s done it before. When we got home they all found my bedroom. It took a while because harry couldn’t let go of my cats and her kittens until they started scratching him. And the rest wouldn’t stop jumping on my bed (it was one of those beds with a trampoline built in. after that happened we all went downstairs and ate food and watched a movie. When the movie was done we made cupcakes, oh how I love cupcakes! It got really messy really quick. When the cupcakes were cooling off I wasn’t paying enough attention to them and Niall ended up eating most of them. So we took a break from food, and that’s when the boys noticed I had a hot tub. We all quickly got dressed into our bathing suits. When us girls got into our bathing suits and went to go to the hot tub all the boys were waiting for us. They were frozen because of our beauty and they were staring with their mouths open. Eventually, Liam snapped out of it and shut the rest of the guy’s mouths. I decided to funny and I crossed my arms over my chest and said they’re mine and only mine! Everyone laughed at my statement and Louis did a sassy z-snap and said oh no you didn’t!? And I’m like oh yes I diid. So then Louis went all sassy and we got into a heated sass war, of course he won. I didn’t have enough experience. He was shouting I am the sass masta of Doncasta! Until we shoved him in the hot tub. I was all curious and asked him what Doncaster was, and he said it was his hometown in England. I was really surprised because he never told me this before. The rest said they were from England too, but Niall is from Ireland. I said to them you can’t even notice your accents. They started to get all teary eyed again so again to take their mind off of it I said let’s play truth or dare?! They all said yes so we stated to play, harry was first, so he said to Liam truth or dare? Surprisingly Liam said dare, and harry said I dare you to go upstairs and kiss Michelle’s mom on the cheek and say I love you mommy! Liam took the dare and went upstairs and said it, then came back down. Now it was Liam’s turn, he chose Niall, Niall truth or dare? Liam said. Again surprisingly, Niall chose dare. Liam is the responsible one so he chooses easy, fun dares. Niall I dare you to go outside in you underpants and run around the neighborhood yelling I’m a big fat idiot, over and over again, Liam said. Niall yelled bring it on! Then he ran outside. We quickly ran and our video camera and taped the whole thing. We later on posted it on YouTube and got over a million hits! Eventually it got to Harry’s turn again and I hadn’t been picked yet, so he chose me. Since everyone before me had chosen dare, I decided to choose dare also. Unfortunately harry was in his perverted mood so I got a really weird dare. My dare was to go into the closet with Louis and make-out. Of course I didn’t want to seem like a chicken, but on the inside I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. We went into the closet and got it over with. It was quite nice for a first kiss actually; I didn’t expect it to be that good. When we got back Niall and Annabelle looked upset. Zayn gave me a “they’re jealous of you and Louis making out in the closet look”. I understood what he meant; Anna like Louis and Niall liked me. After that we stopped playing truth or dare and got our sleeping bags ready and got our pjs on. When that was done we watched a scary movie, I had never watched a scary movie before so I was scared. When I got scared I would snuggle up to Louis. For some reason I felt safe around him. When the movie was done we all went to bed. I woke in the middle of the night to a strange noise upstairs; I knew it couldn’t be my mother because she goes to bed at 12:30. And it was 2:15. I shook Louis and he got a baseball bat and we slowly went upstairs. We saw something and Louis said I’ve got a weapon and I’m not afraid to use it, now put your hands up where I can see them! We saw the human like figure raise its hands then we realized it was only Niall getting a late night snack. We both laughed and then all went back to bed. Louis quickly fell asleep but Niall and I kept talking. I said to him “you remind me of Patrick from SpongeBob square pants. In one episode he would get up at three am and say oh boy! Three am then eat a Krabby Patty.”  We both laughed at my joke. A little while later I noticed that Niall’s sleeping bag was empty. So I went upstairs and he wasn’t at the fridge, I thought that’s weird, he’s not upstairs, in the bathroom, or in his sleeping bag. Then I noticed the front door was open and I saw his silhouette. I went outside and we talked for a little while. He noticed I was getting kind of chilly so he put his jacket on me, I was flattered and started to blush.  After a little bit more talking, we decided to go on a walk. When we were walking, I got worried because we were talking very loudly and I was afraid our neighbors would come out and yell at us to be quiet. He said not to worry though and if anybody came out he would say that we were early morning joggers. I protested and said “seriously? Early morning jogging at three am in our pjs?” he said that that was a bad idea, but we kept on walking and talking anyways. A little bit later, he suddenly asked me to sing for him. So I sang a song that I wrote. “I’m broken, do you see me, I’m blinded, ‘cause you are everything I see, I’m dancing, alone, praying that your heart will just turn around, and as I walk up to your door my head turns to face the floor ‘cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say, when she opens her arms and holds you close tonight, it just won’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this, when she lays you down I might just die inside, it just won’t feel right, ‘cause I can love you more than this, can love you more than this, if I’m louder, would you see me, would you lay down in my arms and rescue me, ‘cause we are, the same, you save me, but when you leave It’s gone again, and then I see you on the street, in her arms I get weak, my body fails I’m on my knees praying, when she opens her arms, and holds you close tonight, it just won’t feel right, ‘cause I can love you more than this, can love you more than this. He really liked it and kept clapping so much I thought he was going to wake the whole neighborhood up.  Then he sang to me. When we got back to the house nobody knew we were gone and we ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms. The next day, we all had pancakes with chocolate chips in them. For some reason everyone was looking at us strangely, and we didn’t know why. Louis was starting to get on his funny side and said “so the lovebirds are finally up?” we both looked at each other confused, then we realized what he meant and denied the whole thing, but they weren’t buying it. Niall then told them I can sing, and then everybody wanted me to sing for them. I sang what I sang to Niall earlier and everybody liked it. All of a sudden somebody, I don’t know who suggested we form a band. That changed everything. At our school they were holding a battle of the band competition, we decided to join. We couldn’t think of a name until the last moment. From that moment on we were not just a group of best friends, we were more than that, we were a band, we were One Direction. We sang a lot of songs and it was a close call, but we won the battle of the bands competition! Someone in the audience videotaped the whole performance and put it on YouTube. What happened after that really surprised us, a music producer from Los Angeles contacted us about our performance and wanted us to go to L.A and record an album! Now that is all a memory from the past and that was three years ago. I can’t believe how far we’ve come. Back then we were just a group of friends hanging out and singing, but now we’re going to play at Madison square garden next week!

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