Kierstinnn and IceCreamGirl's Book of Randomness!

Some random things.
Rants, discussions, things we love, things we hate, foods, anything really!


1. Things I Love

Things I Love-

1. Kitties!
I have four kittens and I love them all! Their names are Big Black, Little Black, Ginger, and Fleury. I named Fleury.

2. Food.
I eat a lot. Like, think of someone who eats a lot; I eat what they would consider a lot.

3. The Mentalist.
It's a crime show. I want to go into Forensics when I'm older.

4. Oranges!
They're my favorite food and my favorite color.

5. Volleyball.
I played for three years but, am not longer eligible to play on a team.

6. Sleep.
I sleep constantly.

7. Reading and Writing!
But, you probably already figured that out!

Things I Love- (for future reference, anything done in italics is by IceCreamGirl)

1. Internet.

I'm not quite sure how I could live without it. It's so awesome!

2. Big Bang Theory.

They're so funny, and I plan to marry Sheldon when I'm older.

3. America.

It's so awesome. I mean, they have so much nice food, and they're completely different to us.

4. Questions.

As my parents, I ask them constantly.

5. Food (as Kierstinnn said)

It's just so delicious, I eat all the time. 

6. Snow!

I thought I'd go topical. Snow is just so brilliant. You can eat it, throw it, make fat men out of it. What could be better?

7. Writing and reading (also as Kierstinnn said)

Reading can just let you escape, it's so fantastic. And writing's brilliant, just like an advanced version of Sims!

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