Kierstinnn and IceCreamGirl's Book of Randomness!

Some random things.
Rants, discussions, things we love, things we hate, foods, anything really!


2. Things I Hate

1. Clowns.
I'm terrified of clowns. I read in a magazine once about a little girl who was murdered by one.. I have a terrible fear now.

2. Needles.
Shots are awful.

3. Fakes.
Like, why be something you're not? Everyone should be their selves!

4. People Who Lie.
I think lying is the dumbest thing in the world. It won't work so, yeah..

5. Worms.
They're slimy and nasty. Just, ew.

1. Escalators and elevators

They are terrifying. I don't know why I hate them, but I always use the stairs. If not possible, I cling on for my life.

2. Non-geeks.

Not as interesting, but it just frustrates me when people who are clearly not geeks, wear t-shirts that say 'nerd' or something. It's like they're destroying our legacy.

3. Attention seekers.

It just irritates me when people say they're really depressed, or make things up so that they can get attention.

4. Slugs.

Simply the most manky things in the world.

5. Sleeping bags.

Beds are so much nicer. You can't move, be comfy or warm in a sleeping bag, so what's the point?

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