Basically just based on a dream I had last week... Enjoy!


1. One and only chapter...

She walked slowly up the stairs, trying not to make any noise which would cancel out what ever it was she was listening out for. She’d hung up her coat and bag on unfamiliar hooks by an unfamiliar front door. At the first door to her right downstairs there had been a living room with light blue walls, dark blue and oak furniture with laminate flooring. Above the mantelpiece there was a mirror in which she’d seen an unfamiliar, older version of herself. The laminate flooring continued throughout the rest of the house downstairs. The hallway and radiator cover were cream and led to the kitchen at the back of the house. The kitchen had been tiled red and white, with white cupboards and light blue and steel utensils were seen dotted around. The upper cupboards were filled with white porcelain plates, bowls and mugs, all rimmed with blue and glasses were in a glass fronted cupboard. A medium sized oak table surrounded by blue fabric chairs and a highchair, was by the end of the white marble covered worktop. The sink looked out onto the reasonably sized garden and next to the dining table were French doors which also opened out onto the back garden.

Now, finding herself at the top of the stairs, she ventured into the half closed door at the very top of the stairs. Behind it was an unfamiliar cream bathroom half filled with bath toys and a little red potty sat underneath the sink. She carefully stepped back onto the landing and ventured to the next door out of three, and the only one which was fully open. Inside the room was a large desk in front of a fairly large window, two bookshelves on the opposite side of the room, two computers and two chairs. The chairs were pointed so that you could easily sit and look down into the garden without even needing to turn away from the computers. The bookshelf furthest from the door was filled with a complete collection of Oscar Wilde’s works (both in paper and film form), journals and more novels. The bookshelf closest to the door was filled with textbooks, notebooks, historical books on witches and novels. The walls were painted light green with coffee coloured carpet and all the furniture was oak like downstairs.

The next door along was shut completely. Inside was a room with chocolate brown carpet, bed linen and curtains whilst everything else was either coffee coloured or wooden. There was a window above the head of the bed which looked out onto the neighbours’ wall, which would have been bare had somebody not apparently stuck themselves out the window and painted on the section seen from the window. She shut the door to this bedroom behind her and tiptoed to the next one.

This last door was half open and she could see light yellow walls and a cot empty except for a yellow blanket and a collection of teddies. She could hear faint snoring coming from this room and tiny little deep breaths. As she gently pushed the door further open, what she saw made her heart feel fit to burst with love. There he was; asleep in a rocking chair by the window with the sleeping baby girl stretched across his chest, her head gently tucked into his neck and under his chin. There was a faint trickle of drool running down from her mouth onto his favourite t-shirt. He would not be happy about that. There was another trickle of drool from his chin threatening to land on the baby girl’s head. She was dressed in a little pink fleece coverall-babygrow, with the matching hat in his left hand hanging over the arm of the chair. His other hand was clasping the baby to his chest as if he would never, nor could ever, let her leave his embrace and protection.

A single tear fell from the eye of the wife and mother, watching silently and lovingly from the doorway.

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