Just out of Reach

Mara Carter despised her Dad's job every time she was forced into meeting another one of the bands he produced for. But this time, his job might actually bring her something special. Not everything can be perfect though...


1. Who do you think I am?

"And as I sat there I realized, it was true. I was in love with him. Every time he laces his fingers with mine, and his lips graze mine, I just know. This is the boy I want to be with him forever. All those love songs I listen to, the way they decribe love.. Thats the way I feel about him. If only the other boy hadn't come between us.. There was no way he loved me back now. But I love you, I truly love you. And when it comes to true love, I have to fight for it. If only he'll take me back."

Thats where it all started. The end of the beginning. Except, it wasn't always like that, with me to straining to get to him. There was a time when things were better. But things can't always be so perfect...

I'll just start from the very beginning. My name is Mara Blair Campbell. I'm 17 and attend Rosecreek Prep in London, England. I'm just the average girl, in love with music and photography. Attending school, using my IPhone for twitter and instagram, following the famous people. Living and trying to achieve a normal lifestyle. I am a normal teenager, whose father just so happens to be Carter Campbell.. I know what your thinking already. Its how everyone starts off when they meet me. "YOUR FATHER IS THE PRODUCER OF ONE DIRECTION?!" and yes, its true. But it isn't as perfect as it seems.

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