Just out of Reach

Mara Carter despised her Dad's job every time she was forced into meeting another one of the bands he produced for. But this time, his job might actually bring her something special. Not everything can be perfect though...


2. The start.

"Mara Blair, come here, I want you to meet the new band I'm producing for!" 
Ugh, another band. With my dad being a music producer, I meet hundreds of bands and it starts to get old. Sure, I like the music. Coldplay and The Fray are nothing to laugh at, just when dad gets a band he forgets about me, the ever faithful daughter who is always there. But thats that. I'll meet them, please my dad with a good impression, and watch him slowly disappear from my life until he finds another band to produce for.

I walk down the stairs of our Chalfont Mansion, already dreading the meeting with this most likely cocky band who thinks they are all that when they are just meeting their producer for the first time. When I make it to the bottom, there he is...I mean, they are. Yeah, they. I couldn't help but notice the fit blonde one, but then my eyes start to scan all the others too. The other four boys, well, they are fit too, but not like the blonde...  Don't get too attached Mar. They'll notice you staring. Don't let one of your Dad's bands get to you. One band member is tan with spiky hair with a blonde highlight, one has floppy curls, one has brown shaggy hair with the cutest puppy dog eyes, and then the one with toms and brown hair. And they all look my age.. Who knows maybe they aren't cocky, maybe we'll become friends...
"Oh, Hi Darling! This is the new band I'm representing."
Keep it Cool, Mar. Act like you don't care. WHY DID I WEAR THIS?! ( Mara Blair's outfit; http://www.polyvore.com/mara/set?id=47129959 ) Act like you don't care. You don't think they're fit, you don't think they're fit, you don't think they're f-- " Hi love, whats your name?" says the one with Puppy Dog eyes. Alright I lost it. His voice, like an angels. Its official dad, you've won me over. I love your job. 

'Mara. Mara Blair. Sorry, but who are you?"
That sounded good. Keep it cool. Don't let them know you fell off the deep end in love with them. 
"I'm Liam!" Says the one with the puppy dog eyes.
"I'm Zayn," says the tan one with black hair, while slowly kissing my hand. Heaven.
"I'm Harry." Say the boy with bouncing curls and he winks and hits my hip with his own. 
"Niall." says blondie. Oh lord, was that an.. no it can't be. I've always wanted to meet someone from there, but..
"Irish accent?" I asked, curiously.
"You've got it love, he's Irish." Says Harry, undressing me with his eyes. He seems like the player of the group. Well I guess there always has to be one.
"I'M LOUIS!!" I get from the last one in toms, while he nearly tackles me in such a huge bear hug. 
"Get off of her Lou! You're hurting her!" Niall whimpers in true concern. 
After Louis finally gets off of me, with much struggle from the boys, we all stand there for a bit, not knowing what to say. Think Mara, think. There has to be one thing you can ask these boys.. Harry finally breaks the silence by asking, "So Jack Wills, huh? I love that line." while pointing toward his own Jack Wills hoodie in hand.

"It is quite nice, if you want to lay in your room all day. Which I do, so It was nice meeting you guys, See you around." I reply smoothly, already wanting to leave them with Dad, who seems to have disappeared. 
"You're, you're leaving us? Already?" Liam moans,"See you guys?! Lou you've scared her off already!"
"I'm sorry Mara Blair! I won't ever hurt you again." Louis replies with a smirk. Now I know there's more where that came from if I decide to get to know these boys.
"Well..I'll stay. But first we have to go get food, then go do something fun!" 
"We'll think of something!" Zayn almost shouts, so excited.
"Let me go get ready. See you all down here in 20 minutes? After you finish things up with Da." I reply, flouncing on up towards the stairs. Nooo, I should have said I have plans! What happened to playing hard to get? I am so bad at this. I give in. Let them find out how fit I think they are. 
"YES!" Niall screams, " I mean, okay, see you in a bit."
Oh no. He knows I'm into him. He read my mind. Abort mission, abort. 
"I'll be in my room." I say cooly, and skip off the stairs and into my room, wanting to hide away from the potential embarrassment I would soon cause myself

After finishing the last swipe of mascara on my eyes, and slipping on my floral dress, I'm finally ready. Examining myself over in my floor length mirror, I decide I look fine enough to go out. Walking back to the spiral staircase, I overhear a conversation I'm clearly not supposed to. The boys calling dibs on me? Best if I start down the stairs now and act like I heard nothing. This ought to be an interesting afternoon..


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