louis tomlinson, my husband

hello, my name is lois, i'm 20 years old, and i'm married.. yes i do, and i know i'm young.. but you wanna know why i'm so young and married? and another important question: who is my husband? wel.., keep reading, and you'll find it out..


3. you mean everything.

louis POV:

i just sat there in shock.. really.. i just don''t know what to say

i.. omg lou. i scared you didn't i? i so sorry. she said to me

woah! why are you sorry lo? i asked her

well, i don't think your in love with me too. i mean, i'm defently sure.. and sorry, it came out of my mouth to fast, and..

i cut her of with a kiss, ofcourse i'm in love with you too! madly! your the most perfect girl in the world. i say, still not really realise what happend.

you do? she asked

yes lois. i do. i say with a smile across my face.




a/n i'm sorry guys, this one is short, but what do you guys think? should i move on? or cut it off?

and if you have any idea's please let me know! i want to know!!

'cause i'm not sure if i'm a good writer.. please let me know.

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