louis tomlinson, my husband

hello, my name is lois, i'm 20 years old, and i'm married.. yes i do, and i know i'm young.. but you wanna know why i'm so young and married? and another important question: who is my husband? wel.., keep reading, and you'll find it out..


2. other best friend

Louis POV:

i walked to her door and rings the bell. i think of her.. my other best friend; lois, she has everything ineed.. she has beautiful blue eyes, and long, blond hair. she has a nice and funny laugh and she was pretty, just.. she was perfect to me.

hello!! louis! *she snapped her fingers*

uhm, sorry love, can i come in? *i smiled to her*

yes dear, of course you can! i asked it a couple seconds ago, but you didn't answer*she laughed*

i'm sorry babe.. *i walked in her house*


Lois POV:

sireously, what happend to lou? he just stood there, and stare at me.. it was a kind of scary..*i laughed in myself*

why are you laughing my love? he asked

*my heart beats harder, when he said; love to me*

nothing really.. want something to drink? i asked

umh, yeah sure, thank you. he said

*we're sitting on the couch*

so love, how are you?' he asked me.

yeah, i'm fine.. how are you?

That doesn't  sound very convincing
and yes, I'm good, thank you' he answer

yeah , i don't know lou, im madly in love with you but i think you just can't see.. i told him and at the same time i think: o crap what have i done??

woa! what did you just say.. your in love with me? he asked in shock

no, i say that i in love was with my dog'i say with a smile

haha funny lois. but did you that really say? he asked again

yes lou i really say that 'i say blushsing




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